IM - Schoolboy Fantasies 3 - Tony Salerno & Bryce Action

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Description - Bryce Acton sits on his bed, bored of the textbook he he’s reading for class. His mind wanders to memories of the other night when his Italian professor, Tony Salerno, dropped by after class. Unsure of the dorm room tryst, Tony is easily convinced by his hot young student. Telling the school boy to come closer, they share an electrifying kiss between them. Tony’s hands explore under the boy’s uniform while Bryce runs his hands over his professor’s suit jacket.
Slowly stripping each other of their layers, Tony nervously fumbles with the button’s on Bryce’s shirt. But it’s not long before they’re one on top of the other, grinding with forbidden passion. Tony tongues Bryce’s cut dick and balls before licking his tight young ass. Bryce lets himself enjoy the rimming, relaxing enough to take Tony’s thick professor dick. Tony and Bryce lay next to each other, stroking thick ropes out of each other.

For more detail see screenshot.

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