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Hot Ass Fuckers (Jet Set Men)

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DescriptionHot Ass Fuckers
Studio: Jet Set Men
Jet Set Men presents Hot Ass Fuckers starring Jet Set Exclusives Angel Rock and Billy Heights. This has ass fucking collection also includes the infamous Tyler St. James and Derek Fox prison scene, one of the very few sex scenes Tyler St. James filmed and the only scene this stud filmed for a feature movie production before his abrupt retirement. Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights is featured in an amazing three-way with superstars Jimmy Durano and Connor Maguire. This feature also stars megahung Tristan Jaxxx, Jason Pitt, Dylan Roberts, Dempsey Stearns and studly Hunter Vance. 11 Hot studs star in this 6 scene XXX collection of some of the best buttfucking scenes from Jet Set Men's premium library!
Adam’s second suggestion is to tell the guy, “Nobody will find out”. Friends Dempsey and Jason are in a small office, working on a project on their computers. Dempsey is trying to concentrate, but his hormones are kicking in, and he’s getting a hard-on. As he heads for the bathroom to do something about the situation, Jason stops him. “You’re going to go jack-off?” He assures him that he doesn’t have to do it alone and reaches for his crotch. Dempsey is not entirely opposed to a little man-on-man action but whines, “My girl friend would kill me!” Jason, who is more than a little horny himself, is insistent and kneels down to goes for it, sucking on Dempsey’s dick. “Dude, I’m not fuckin’ gay”, Dempsey says, to which Jason replies, “Neither am I. I won’t tell anyone.” Dempsey stands, as Jason continues his sucking and pulls his pants down. Dempsey sits back down for more oral action on his big dick. Jason gets his own shirt off and his pants open, so he can ‘stroke and choke’ at the same time. He wants to get his dick sucked too, but Dempsey is again hesitant. He finally gives it a try it and soon is really into it. His own dick responds by stiffening noticeably. Suddenly they’re both on the floor with a towel beneath them, and Jason pushes Dempsey’s legs back to rim his ass. He then slips his dick in his ass to fuck. Dempsey moans, but he takes it, legs aloft. The camera gets great shots of Jason’s hot ass from behind as he fucks his friend. Dempsey is now on his knees as he takes Jason’s fucking him doggie-style. Jason finally jacks-off his dick and cums on Dempsey’s ass, followed by Dempsey standing and shooting on Jason’s chest. And yes, no one need ever find out.

Muscle stud Tyler Saint James is locked up behind bars and clearly there is nothing to do. His cellmate is fellow muscle stud Derek Fox who paces out of boredom till he senses a dirty look from Tyler and throws a punch that knocks the 245 pound bodybuilder out cold. Since there's nothing else to do Derek decides to rid the stud of his pants and suck his cock. For a good 20 minutes the Tyler's nearly perfect cock stands at attention while he slumbers in la la land. Eventually he wakes up and decides to return the favor by taking his jail rape vengeance out on Derek's hot muscle ass. What a way to spend time behind bars!

Dylan is discovered shirtless in the glory hole area of a sex club. He is searching the holes for a cock to grab onto with one hand and massaging his crotch with the other. Tristan, another shirtless dude, cruises by and stops to give Dylan a chance to respond. But Dylan doesn’t quite get him, so he quickly vanishes. And then as Dylan once again searches the holes, a big dick sails into view. He plays with this newly found treasure for a while, and impressed by its size, drops to his knees to go down on it. It’s long and thick, so he licks and sucks on it for all he’s worth, groping himself at the same time. This cock just gets bigger and bigger, definitely one he’d like to get fucked by, take up his ass. And so, he pushes his pants down and eases his ass in its direction. He works it around, teasing his hole with its head and finally backs down on it. He pulls his cheeks wide apart and in it goes. He fucks himself with it and works it in and out. We catch a glimpse of the dick’s owner and realize it’s the same Tristan, the guy he had just rejected. Tristan suddenly pounds Dylan’s ass hard and says, “That’s what you get for fuckin’ turning me down!” Obviously, Dylan sees him in a new light, because in the next shot, he’s on his back on a platform, legs in the air, his lubed and used hole exposed. Tristan fingers it and rubs around the rim. He then drops to the floor to lick and tongue-fuck it, in preparation for reinserting his stiff dick. Soon, he’s inside again and ramming his ass, with Dylan moaning all the way. It’s either hurting or turning him totally on – maybe both at the same time. Tristan pounds his ass harder and harder until he’s ready to blow. They both jack off, and Dylan shoots first, followed by his new-found friend, who cums all over him. They both got what they wanted, and Tristan speeds quickly away. “See ya!”

As 2 dudes tool around the city, one on a bike and another in a pick-up, we catch reddish blond god Conner at home. HeÂ’s checking out photos in a sex magazine and taking in an unseen porn DVD at the same time. Sex is definitely on his mind as he massages a hard-on growing in his tight jeans. He pulls off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular torso. He goes for his dick which he pulls out and rubs. He pushes his pants and shorts down, stroking his ever enlarging cock. Pants disappear further down, giving his dick more room to grow. He looks like heÂ’d like to have some help, some company, but only the video is there to stimulate him. He stands, totally pulling his pants off, jacking his dick and massaging his chest and nipples. His cock is thick and responsive, as he lies back on the sofa again, his legs pulled up to expose his butt hole. His left hand reaches under his ass to clutch at his hole, spreading his cheeks and fingering himself. Moving to another couch, he pounds his dick all the harder and, breathing heavily, shoots his load.

Angel and Hunter are introduced as a couple of house painters, working on re-doing a room. The two take a break, during which Hunter confesses to Angel that he can’t get the memory of getting fucked last weekend out of his mind, presumably by Angel, and has even considered buying a strap-on dildo, so that his wife can fuck his ass. Angel obviously remembers too and, groping Hunter’s crotch, suggests he go for the real thing. They reach for each other’s dicks and the sex is on. Angel’s exceptionally thick, uncut cock pops out of his pants, hard and ready for action. Hunter immediately drops to his knees to go down on it. He runs his mouth and tongue up and down it, sucking it - occasionally choking it down his throat. A good fuckin’ cock! The painting can wait. Suddenly, Hunter gets up and moves a few rungs up the ladder, so Angel can go down on his now rigid, equally hot cock, taking in his balls, shaft and head, all the while whacking on his own dick. They then move around a table and kiss. Hunter pulls Angel’s shirt off and then his own, revealing their hot muscular bodies. Hunter lies back on the table and lifts his legs in the air, so Angel can devour his ass. He loves it. Angel spits into his butt crack and eats his hole, fingering it as he goes. And then Angel bends over the table, so Hunter can take a turn at munching on his hole. But remember, it’s Hunter who is the “Bad Ass”, eager to get Angel to fuck him. He leans over the table, offering his butt, and in Angel goes. “Oh yeah, fuck that ass! Harder. Oh yeah, fuck that hole. That big cock! Fuck that ass. Fuck meee! Oh. Oh!” Hunter lies on his back again, legs in the air to tighten up his hole, as Angel continues to pound him. “Fuck that hole. Love that big fucking cock!” There are great shots of Angel’s hot ass as seen from beneath, as he rams his cock into Hunter’s ass. The two finally stand side by side, kiss and beat their cocks until they shoot loads of cum.

After a night out on the town Pauly G and Ronnie come back to the Jersey Score house and go to the "smoosh" room to have some fun. They're soon interrupted by Mike "The Stimulation" who persistently knocks on the door reminding the horny pair that "Sharing is caring." The boys end up sharing all right, they share Mike's sweet ass.

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