Apollo Phoenix - Studio 1010 and Shave (ManifestMen)

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Apollo Phoenix:  Studio 1010

Studio:    ManifestMen
Date:      30 Apr 07
Length:    23 min 9 sec

From the ManifestMen site ...

Prepare to enter the realm of raw masculine and hairy muscle and spend time with Apollo Phoenix in our new studio loft. There you\\\'ll see Apollo Phoenix flexing, running his hands over his steel hard pecs and through his chest hair. The mere touch of his own body is enough to spark Apollo to jack his thick cock, hump the bed and draw you in even closer. When he starts jacking, every muscle comes into play. But make no mistake, Apollo Phoenix is in full control of every inch of his body. Wait until you see him unleash a volcanic cum shot on the glass panel of the balcony, it may be the biggest one ever seen on Manifest Men. We listen to our members\\\' requests for \\\"hairy muscle\\\" and bring you one of the very best!

Apollo Phoenix - Shave [all parts]

{And that's "all parts" as in all six (6) parts of this video, not that he shaves all his parts ... :-)  }

Studio:    ManifestMen
Date:      11 Jun 09
Length:    36 min 2 sec

From the ManifestMen site ...

Fans of big hairy muscle AND smooth muscle get a treat as Apollo Phoenix shows what it takes to shave the body hair from his sculpted rock-hard body. You\\\'ll see Apollo Phoenix as he is naturally, flexing his fantastic muscles and running his fingers through his forest of body hair before taking out his clippers and grooming. In between stripping away the hair from each arm Apollo flexes each one and the muscles will pop out before your eyes. From there Apollo Phoenix takes on shaving his abs revealing the six pack under the fur and flexing once more before reaching the prize--his thick slabs of pec muscle. When they are revealed in their naked glory Apollo Phoenix poses and flexes his pecs and makes them dance, teasing you for what\\\'s next.

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