♺ *NEW* AniMan Complete Collection incl Brand New “Sherriff of Lone Gulch” (10/26/2014) Full Site-Rip (MP4) PB

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AniMan Complete Collection includes the Brand New “Sherriff of Lone Gulch” (10/26/2014), and the latest 2014 videos “The Country Club” and “The Poker Game”

*NEW* The COMPLETE Site-Rip of AniMan Toons old and new (as of 10/26/2014). All complete as downloaded from the maker and converted to hi resolution MP4/H.264 files.

There have been many versions of some of these vids scattered around but many were either incomplete, wrong reso and aspect ratio, or bad conversions so I sought out the artist’s website and downloaded the original wmv files. Now you can have the complete set in their entirety and in hi-res MP4/H.264 format.


Tags: Animation, Intergenerational, Interracial, Bareback, Creampies, Internal Cum Shots


Animan's Carmen [2012] Animan PB.mp4
Animan’s All Stars [2013] Animan PB.mp4
Animan’s All Stars in Palm Springs [2013] Animan PB.mp4
Assorted Animation - Animan PB.mp4
Coach Ben's Big Beach Adventure [2011] Animan PB.mp4
GI Bananas [2013] Animan PB.mp4
Junior College Camp [2012] Animan PB.mp4
Lex Stern MD, When the Women are Away [2013] Animan PB.mp4
Sex Ed - A Guy's Best Friend [1947] Animan PB.mp4
Sophomores of 64 - Coach Ben - School Fantasy - Animan PB.mp4
The Country Club [2014] Animan PB.mp4
The Husband, the Paperboy and the Gardner [2011] Animan PB.mp4
The Poker Game [2014] Animan PB.mp4
The Sherriff of Lone Gulch [2014] Animan PB.mp4
The Superhero [2012] Animan PB.mp4
The Twist Party - Animan PB.mp4


Animan's Carmen [2012]
Carmen toys with the affections of Don José the guard, and Escamillo the Toreador. The famous Carmen score provided by Animan on his synthesizer.

Animan’s All Stars [2013]
10 of Animan’s biggest stars come together for a weekend that spins out of control!

Animan’s All Stars in Palm Springs [2013]
More cum-dripping adventures of the All-stars in Palm Springs.

Assorted Animation
Very short assortment of Animan vids

Coach Ben's Big Beach Adventure [2011]
Coach Ben goes to the beach to relax, but it turns out to be a pretty exciting day as he gets bareback gangbanged by every man (and boy) on the beach.

G.I. Bananas [2013]
It's 1943 in the South Pacific. Finding water for bathing, liquid refreshment, and hot music, these sailors proceed to relieve the stress of war in a big way.

Junior College Camp [2012]
Freddy and his college pals come to camp looking for action. Counselor Larry makes sure they get plenty of it.

Lex Stern MD, When the Women are Away [2013]
When The women go away for a while and leave the men alone, the sexual hormones are bound to rage and all we need to complete the fun is the neighbor boy and the milkman to get the party going.

Sex Ed - A Guy's Best Friend [1947]
.....every guy's college fantasy! Sex Ed was never like this!

Sophomores of 64 - Coach Ben - School Fantasy
Coach Ben really has a way with the boys. He teaches them all the really important things they need to know.

The Country Club [2014]
Come to the Country Club! There’s a doctor here just waiting to administer his own type of therapy.

The Husband, the Paperboy and the Gardner
One day the wife goes out shopping, leaving the husband really horny and looking for some pleasure. The Paperboy sees him and on a whim decides to step in on the fun, as well as the gardener.

The Poker Game [2014]
Harvey’s pals are having a friendly little game of poker. But when the selfish Harvey Jr. wants to play too, he decides to change all the rules!

Sherriff of Lone Gulch
Ever since Sherriff Buttram came to Lone Gulch the men are no longer frustrated and fighting. Everything’s peaceful and there’s a spirit of brotherly love. When Manny the Man-Killer cums to town the Sherriff ends up taking a hard pounding (in his ass).

The Superhero [2012]
Hey looky, Man… it’s Nooky Man! Cartoon hero Nooky Man saves the day and gets his fill. In order for him to maintain his super powers he needs to keep his butt filled with multiple loads of cum.

The Twist Party
The twist party…a retro party gone wild when the husbands get horny and decide to gang bang a guy all hell breaks loose and turns into a Gang bang with massive Creampies...all this in front of the wives!

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