Surf Surf Revolution Complete Collection 1-7

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DescriptionThis is a complete collection of Surf Surf Revolution 1-7, a series of movies involving sexy Japanese guys who are mainly nicely built surfers and life guards having sex with each other. The series gets increasingly hardcore as it goes on and presents threesomes, foursomes, masturbation, oral, anal, bareback, frotting, flip flop rimming, fingering, 69s, both in indoor and outdoor locations. A lot of it has very romantic undertones as the models increasingly start moaning and bucking their bodies wildly to the sensations running through them. Tops and bottoms and bottoms becomes tops. Most of it is bareback as well. There's also a lot of scantily clad, nude horsing around in various locations and shower scenes. If you understand Japanese, there's lots of footage of them getting interviewed about how much they jack off, what they enjoy in sex, their impressions in sex. The videos get increasingly longer until they are 3 hour opuses of lots and lots hardcore fucking, but other than one scene where a model is dared to pee in someone else's mouth, there are no extreme fetishes, rape undertones or BDSM elements.

One element that makes the series unique are funny, light-hearted daredevil exhibition moments the producers dare the models to do and little games they have them play called the Ma no Shirei (or Devil's Orders). These can range from daring them to masturbate out in the snow or kiss in front of a crowd of people to having them race on the beach in skimpy speedos.

The movies are in a variety of formats (mp4, avi and ogm) taken from a variety of places and while some of the footage is old and transferred from VHS, and the quality varies, there's never a time where the image quality isn't relatively clear and it's never to the point where you can't enjoy the details. Surf Surf Revolution 1-3 have pretty heavy mosaic on the genitals, but 4-7 gradually lighten it up and makes it quite a bit easier to see the guys' beautiful dicks.

The seven movie files include:

Surf Revolution 1
Surf Surf Revolution 2nd Remix
Surf Surf Revolution 3
Surf Surf Revolution 4
Surf Surf Revolution 5
Surf Surf Revolution 6th Mix - Our First Time Stories
Surf Surf Revolution 7
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