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Corbin Fisher - Colt Collection

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DescriptionACM - 2014.02.18 - Colt (Colt)
We've been filming guys for 11 years (we filmed guys for a whole year to build up some material before launching the site 10 years ago) and have had countless guys in front of our cameras. Even after all the incredibly hot men that have come through our doors, I still find myself weak in the knees with certain new ones, and Colt would be one of those!
After Pete and I spent a little time around Colt, we each found ourselves saying the same thing - it's as if Cain and Reed had a baby! If a guy strikes us as a mix between those two, you know we're off to a good start!
Colt is young, ripped, and hot as hell. You'll also notice, right away, that he's soft-spoken and quite friendly. His voice and demeanor have to be two of the sexiest things about him, and that's saying quite a bit given how hot every other bit of him is!
He's athletic, works out, and has a great body. When Pete asks him what his favorite part of his own body is, he sheepishly laughs and says, "My dick". So, does his dick really stand out that much compared to the rest of that ripped body? It most definitely does!

ACS - 2014.02.26 - Colt Gets Lucky (Colt)
We know Colt has what it takes to be a star at CF with that face, body and cock; his attitude and demeanor are also perfect CF material - friendly, easygoing, and fun-loving.
Now we get to find out whether this young man can back up all of those assets with action! Answer? He can!
What starts off as a sensual massage quickly elevates to Colt's big dick getting sucked - and that cock of his looks bigger, thicker and hotter than it did the first time we saw him. Olivia can't help but lower herself down on to that cock and ride it, and Colt clearly loves the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of a hole. He doesn't spend the whole time getting ridden, though, as they flip around so he can pound away and give us hot views of that body, ass and dick going at it!

ACM - 2014.03.06 - Taylor Swallows Colt's Load (Colt, Taylor)
We all knew Colt had tremendous potential the first time we laid eyes on him - he's hot as all hell, has an incredible body, a big dick, a great ass, and an even greater attitude; he's young, hung, horny, and fun-loving!
Once we saw him in action with a girl, the evidence of his having such huge potential just grew - this young stud knows how to fuck, and that body and dick of his look amazing in action! The real test of how well Colt would do at CF and whether he'd fulfill that potential, though, was if he'd give some guy/guy action a shot and how he'd do with that.
Well, we just might have a star in the making! It wasn't particularly easy, nor terribly difficult, getting Colt to try out some action with another guy. As you'd expect, he was pretty anxious at the thought of doing something so new and different, and doing it in front of our cameras. At the same time and in an odd way, I think his having been with the same girl for so long helped - he was eager for some adventure and experiencing something new. Eventually, his hormones and carefree attitude won out over nerves, and now we're treated to the insanely hot sight of this young stud drilling Taylor with that big dick of his and clearly being glad he made the decision to try out a scene with another man! I think Taylor quite liked it, as well - while he started out as a bit shy and nervous when he first arrived at CF, he goes in to full on slut mode here!  And Colt?  Colt proves himself to be a complete horndog stud!

ACM - 2014.03.20 - Colt & Truman's Work Out (Colt, Truman)
Colt and Truman hit it off the instant they met each other at CF. I think they found they had a lot in common, enjoyed hanging out with one another, and could spend hours just chatting and chilling. In fact, Colt and Truman get along so well that we came up with this pairing on the fly, after we were seeing just how well they got along and how much they enjoyed hanging out together. It might even be safe to say these guys have a bit of a bromance going!
We first let these two do a couple cam shows at CorbinFisherLive.com together, and it was obvious there was some real chemistry there and they were having lots of fun hanging out and showing off. But we wanted them to take things further, and we also wanted to be sure they took this big step in an episode here at CF.
I think you'll spot just how well these two get along right from the start of the action here, and will be as thankful as we were that they've become such good buds when you see Truman on his back, with Colt's big dick sliding in and out of his mouth. We've taken them from being strangers meeting at CF, to being bros, to being full-on fuckbuddies as Colt pounds Truman hard and fast in what is truly and intense, fun, and incredibly passionate episode!

ACM - 2014.04.24 - Colt Gets Fucked (Colt, Jacob)
Colt's quite the new addition to CF's roster! All of us here agree he reminds us of Cain, actually - similar looks and features and similar energy and enthusiasm. Colt probably doesn't realize what a compliment that is, since he's so new to CF and has never met Cain, but I don't doubt he knows he's a total stud in his own right!
We've seen Colt get in to some incredible action, and now see him taking things to a whole new level - getting that hot ass of his fucked! Colt was ready for this one! He's taken to things so well at CF and has topped for us before; he's seen just how wild that big dick of his can drive another guy, so he likely couldn't help but wonder if another stud's cock could make him feel that same way.
Jacob's the perfect guy to be the one to break Colt's hole in - another relative newcomer to CF who's shown himself to be full of passion and energy and always eager and ready for some fun.
Jacob discovers Colt's ass feels amazing. Colt discovers getting fucked feels great. We discover Colt's a screamer!

ACM - 2014.05.08 - Kent & Colt's POV Fuck (Kent, Colt)
While Colt is still quite new to CF and all of the experiences he's been having here, he's so comfortable in front of the cameras and is so outgoing we wanted to try getting him in to a hot POV video.
It really does take a certain kind of guy to be able to handle these POV episodes.  While, thankfully, plenty of CF's studs are that type of guy, having such a new guy give it a go can be asking a lot of them.  They have to take command of so much of the action, capture as much as they can on video themselves, and really just be able to get caught up in things and let things flow.  Colt was  more than up to the task!
It likely helped he had Kent along with him, though - The Pledgemaster excels at showing other guys the ropes and guiding them along.
You get a first-person perspective on all of the hot sucking and fucking here, and every bit of it is intense and hot.  That these guys have an undeniable exhibitionist streak certainly helps, as well - having a camera at their disposal seems to turn them on even more!  And the view as Colt blows his load while Kent fucks him, then gets Kent's load in his mouth?  Priceless!

ACM - 2014.05.19 - Tom Slides Into Colt (Colt, Tom)
While Colt's proven himself to be a stellar addition to the CF roster and we've seen him in some incredible action already, we took him to a whole new level here - getting railed by a buff Tom's big dick, hot young Colt goes from being a newcomer at CF to being bent over a table that's rattling and shaking as he gets pounded and groaning, "Oh yeah! Fuck me!".
Colt's body is muscular and tight, and that's all the more apparent as every single muscle in his entire body flexes while Tom drills him. He's one of those guys that looks like they're on the edge of orgasm the entire time they're going at it - as if he was ready to blow his load the instant Tom touches him at the beginning of this episode, and was completely overwhelmed by the intense sensations when he finally does blow that load with Tom's cock pistoning in and out of his ass.
Any and everything Tom does to Colt here hits every spot, it seems, and Tom clearly knows how to give Colt what he wants. At the end of the scorching hot action here, what Colt wants his to eat up every single drop of Tom's massive load!

ACM - 2014.06.09 - Kansas City - Colt Takes On Connor (Colt, Connor)
Last week's Kansas City: Connor's 3 Way episode was truly a monumental one, featuring the return of Connor in a scorching hot trio with Zeb and Brayden and filmed on location in the city of CF's birth.
This episode is just as monumental, though, with Connor again showing off why he's one of our all-time most popular guys, and doing so with a newcomer that has quickly become a CF favorite himself! Colt Takes On Connor!
Also filmed during our Kansas City shoot, the action here starts off in the shower as Connor is stripped down and getting wet, before Colt sneaks in with him to swallow Connor's cock. From that point forward, these two go wild!
They need to make their way to the nearest bed so they can really go at it, and do precisely that. Colt finds himself on the receiving end of a hard, fast fuck the likes of which we know Connor is a master at delivering. The sound of pounding flesh fills the room, matched only by Colt's moans. We've seen Colt get fucked before, but we haven't seen him get fucked like this! We also haven't seen him blow a load like the one Connor works out of him here, nor do I think we've seen him so hungry for a load like he is for Connor's!

ACM - 2014.06.23 - Kansas City - Colt & Brayden's Flip Fuck (Colt, Brayden)
Taking these two young men on our on-location shoots seems to have really helped each come in to their own and develop in to two of our most popular, hottest guys.  Beyond exploring some new sights and scenes with their fellow CF studs, they've discovered quite a bit about themselves while on these trips - for Brayden it really happened in Europe, and for Colt it took place on this trip to Kansas City.
Something we discover about these guys here is that, while perhaps known as being more of a bottom, Brayden can top like a champ and he delivers a fast, hard, relentless fuck on Colt's hole here.  With Colt, we see that - despite being a relative newcomer to CF - he can't help but get caught up in the passion and intensity when in some hot action with another guy.
Certainly, the hard cocks pistoning in and out of tight holes are highlights of this incredible episode.  What you surely can't miss either, though, are the long periods of extended eye contact as these two get caught up in one another, Brayden's pulling Colt down to kiss him, their making out every chance they get, and just how in to one another these two obviously are.  You also can't miss how Brayden's load is massive, and he can't even whimper out "I'm gonna cum!" before it's spraying all over the place.

ACM - 2014.06.30 - Kansas City - Colt Rides Kennedy (Colt, Kennedy)
With these two big-dicked young studs paired up, the most difficult decision was deciding which would top and which would bottom - they both look incredible doing either, and we knew it'd be a treat seeing either one taking on the other's hot cock.
After just a few moments of seeing Kennedy fuck Colt's throat, and seeing just how much Colt was loving that, we knew we made the right decision - Kennedy was going to take charge of Colt and pound him hard!
Kennedy really works over Colt's hole here with masterful, deep strokes.  Sure, it all looks hot as hell.  For Colt, though, it clearly felt beyond incredible as Kennedy slid his dick in and out of him and drove him wild.
We could have had Colt top at any moment.  His cock was rock hard throughout as Kennedy drilled him.  But I think he was more than happy to be on the receiving end here, and his loud moans with each of Kennedy's thrusts made it clear he could not get enough of that dick inside him!

ACS - 2014.07.02 - Colt Pounds Jamie (Colt)
Colt has appeared in some insanely hot guy/guy action lately, and totally embraced the fun he can have with other guys and how great it all makes him feel.  Most recently, we saw him get fucked by Kennedy's big dick and it was obvious Kennedy's cock drove Colt wild.
Given all the hot guy/guy action Colt's been in lately, I think he was a man on a mission when we paired him up with Jamie here.  He wanted to show us he can still pound away and be a total stud in some guy/girl action, and he does precisely that.
He wastes no time getting that big dick of his up inside Jamie, and these two furiously fuck - Colt going at it with long and deep strokes, then finishing off with an extended round of fast and hard pumps - until Colt shoots one of his signature huge loads.

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