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Helix Academy: Extra Credit

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Description 1. 35m 6/18/2015
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Gavin Phillips, Luke Allen (hx)
School’s out and Luke Allen and Gavin Phillips are ready to use their time doing other things than study. Before meeting up with their friends, Luke needs to do a quick wardrobe change, for he doesn’t want to spend anymore time than necessary in his stiff school uniform. The shy Gavin tries desperately to look away while Luke changes, but Luke notices and begins to tease him. Galvin gives in to his charming ways and comes out of his shell, allowing Luke to tease his cock with both his mouth and smooth ass. After this encounter, both these boys are going to have a great excuse for being fashionably late.

2. 11m 3/6/2014
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Adrian Rivers, Casey Tanner
Smooth Latino lover Adrian Rivers is at it again as he puts the moves on Casey Tanner behind boyfriend Evan Parker's back. The two sexy schoolboys hook up after class as Casey takes all of Adrian's thick 9" cock right there on the teacher's desk. Adrian is becoming the #1 source for all the twinks at Helix Academy looking for some after school anal in this Extra Credit scene.

3. 26m 2/25/2014 http://refer.helixstudios.net/track/MTAwOTAyLjMuOS45LjAuNjAwMjc4Mi4wLjAuMA/video/2588/extra-credit-my-dorm-buddy.html
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Jacob Dixon, Liam Riley
Newbie Liam Riley is busy settling into his Helix Academy dorm room when he gets a friendly welcome from Jacob Dixon, who is in charge of keeping an eye on things around the dormitory. Liam quickly learns that his dorm buddy takes the job quite literally when Jacob’s watchful eyes focus on Liam’s tight, supple body as he undresses. Before long, the two find themselves becoming very well acquainted inside and out and dorm buddies become fuck buddies.

4. 17m 3/4/2014 http://gayeroticvideoindex.com/images/HelixVideo.jpg
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Adrian Rivers, Andy Taylor (us)
After the night out, students at Helix Academy arrive at their dorms ready to rest. Adrian Rivers wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but on his way back to his dorm room he sees Liam Riley sleeping in the nude. Adrian stands in the doorway rubbing his 9" cock and gazing at Liam's smooth bubble butt when Andy Taylor wakes up and catches the opportunistic Latin lover. These two can't help but take it one step further and start fucking while Liam sleeps soundly next to them. Andy rides Adrian like a pro causing both to shoot their loads on each other.

5. 32m 8/20/2015 http://refer.helixstudios.net/track/MTAwOTAyLjMuOS45LjAuNjAwMjc4Mi4wLjAuMA/video/3353/helix-academy-extra-credit-show-tell.html
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Kody Knight (hx), Logan Cross, Troy Ryan
That moment when your homies wanna use your computer and you've forgotten to put away your dick pics. The struggle is real for Helix Academy horse cock Troy Ryan and It's on When his bros Logan Cross & Kody Knight insist that he prove that big bad bone belongs to him!
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