♺ JPWA - Junior Pro Wrestling Association - December Demolition 2

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December Demoltion 2

JPWA - Junior Pro Wrestling Association

Out of print for years. Encoded from VHS, so the quality is juts OK. No nudity, but hot!

Link with pictures: hxxp://jpwaarena.info/Pages/Videos/46_December_Demolition_2.htm

Ed Leon is one half of the team Latin Heat. Speedy is part of NPP (North Phillie Putos), the apprentices of Latin Heat. Ed and Speedy have always had a mentor/student relationship, and practice together. The two co-host this match (with some help from their colleagues) but there is an uneasy tension between the two. Speedy thinks he has what it takes to take on his teacher. As they comment between matches, you can imagine they might go at it at the end. And they do.

Francis Bravo vs Sasha

Sasha, the Russian skull-crusher, is a long-time JPWA favorite, and he took great offense to the presence of a new European presence. Francis (navy posing trunks) is a personal trainer/model from Malta, who wanted to try his luck at wrestling�he assumes he will excel at wrestling just like everything else he does. Sasha (teal trunks) is out to prove he is still the best. A battle of egos ensues as the two show off their bodies and their skills. Francis has some good basics, but Sasha�s mean streak and experience pay off, and he even throws in some unnecessary cheating for good measure, to win another battle for Mother Russia.

Johnny Crimson vs Jorge

Baci d'Morte vs Ticao (Savage is referee)

Ticao (beige square cuts) is known for his rough style and gruff personality, but he�s usually a pretty fair wrestler�he loves the competition. Baci (who�s name translates to �Kiss of Death�) is not the most experienced wrestler, but the college student and dancer has a killer bod and killer attitude�he takes no prisoners. Now, you�d think this would be a great match with lots of fierce action�and it is�but throw Savage in the match (he weaseled his way in as referee) and you definitely know he will end up involved more than he should be. Ticao and Baci (silver squarecuts) really throw each other some great, punishing moves and holds: backbreakers, surfboards, armlocks, racks, crabs, camel clutches, and much more. They really go all out to rough each other up. And at first it seems as if Savage (black singlet) may actually just be interested in reffing� but then he is Savage, and he can�t help himself. Soon he is joining in, occasionally helping the wrestlers double-team each other, occasionally getting pounded by one or both of them� the match evolves into a three-way for awhile. Then Savage starts taking them apart with his nasty tactics. Working on them one at a time as he stuns the other, than both at once. He ends the match by draping the two broken-down wrestlers across each other and handcuffing them together.

Ed Leon vs Speedy

Ed and Speedy finally have a go at it. Ed Leon (silver square cuts) is known for a fiercely humorous personality�almost to the point of demented. He�s also known for a fierce attitude and style�he loves ripping his opponents apart. And then there�s his QVC fetish�Ed has a large collection of foreign objects he likes to use during the match. Speedy (olive trunks) is one of the smallest wrestlers in the JPWA, but he is also one of the toughest. He can give it, and he can really take it. These two hit each other hard with suplexes, slams, DDTs and other throws. Then they twist each other up in all kinds of torturous holds. Ed even breaks out the QVC loot: rope, clubs, hammers, chains, leash, handcuffs, and more� Speedy gets a real thrashing. Both their tag partners do make an appearance at the end. Bolo (mint trunks) comes in and helps Speedy take the victory, but then Alberto (multi-color trunks) comes in to equalize things. Rough and tumble action from some great wrestlers.

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