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This torrent includes scenes 2-4 featuring Alec from StraightHell.net plus a bonus scene and interview. All videos are in high definition WMV format.  The video resolution is 960x540.

*** The Victim ***

Name: Alec
Age: 22
Occupation: Rugby player
Body type: Slim
Topped by: Adrian and Stan

Synopsis: Up and coming rugby star Alec is the perfect target. Hungry to advance his career, he leaps at the chance when we tell him we're scouting for a national team. But first he'll need "a physical fitness examination." Let the games commence...

*** Scene 2 ***

Stripped, tied up, caned, gangbanged and pissed on by horny sadists Alec thinks we're about to give him a medical examination, a mere formality before we initiate him into our premiership rugby club. But when we lead him into the room and unceremoniously pull down his pants, Alec starts to get increasingly uncomfortable. Why are these men paying more attention to his cock and balls than to the state of his muscles?

We march him over to the table 'for a closer look' - and suddenly Alec finds his hands and feet being cuffed and tied apart, rendering him completely helpless, despite his struggles. Without warning, a searing hot pain thrashes across his arse - it's my cane. I whack Alec increasingly hard, each stroke making him buck and wince in agony.

The power trip and sadism of tormenting this innocent young straight lad is making our cocks hard... Rick forces Alec's mouth open for Stan to shove his dick down his throat as I spread the boy's sore cheeks and ram my throbbing erection deep into his arsehole. We pound away at Alec, spitroasting him mercilessly as he gags and chokes on the cock in his mouth while experiencing the agony of a dick tearing open his virgin straight arsehole for the first time.

Stan and I swap positions - he starts banging Alec while I cram my cock down his throat and demand pleasure. No matter how many times Alec tries to spit out and avoid pleasuring my cock, Rick and Nigel have his head firmly in their grip, enforcing Alec's utter obedience to my every whim, making him lick my balls and tongue my piss slit as he cringes in disgust.

Stan shoots his load all over Alec's cane-striped arsecheeks, vacating Alec's abused hole for Nigel who eagerly plunges his rigid dick into the boy. His face contorted in abject misery, Alec helplessly takes a fucking from this third stranger as Stan subjects him to the ultimate degradation, pissing all over him as he's being sodomized.

*** Scene 3 ***

Cuffed, bullied, enforced kissing and frottage, gagged with dirty jockstrap, humiliated and pissed on, belted under a freezing shower, nipple clamped to the wall, then viciously fingerfucked Rugby player Alec struggles uselessly as we batter him round the changing room, punching and mauling him on his own familiar turf.

I grab Alec by the neck and get close enough to smell his fear and hatred, and demand he kisses me. His look of disgust and horror tells me that this would be worse than all the previous torments put together, but Stan punches him in the stomach until he finally puckers up, cringing, and lets me stick my tongue down his throat, feeling him gag as I hold him firmly in place.

We throw him to the floor, and I take out my hard dick and rub it against Alec's soft little cock, with the intimate frottage making him wail in misery. To shut the fucker up, we grab someone's dirty jockstrap from the floor, and shove the whole thing into his mouth, taping it in place.

Bound and gagged, Alec is powerless and terrified as we bundle him into the showers and slam him up against the wall. I take out a marker pen and humiliate him still further writing "WHORE" on his chest and �FUCK SLUT above his round little arse.

Alec sobs into his gag as we kick him to the ground, whip out our cocks, and piss all over him. The sorry boy chokes on the stinking urine as it runs over his face and up his nose. We tie Alec up to the shower pipes, and with his entire body at our mercy, we go to town on him. Stan takes off his belt and beats the cunt over and over again, brutally smacking his arse as it turns a livid shade of red.

We turn the cold shower on, full blast, and Alec is drenched by the freezing water, unable to escape, shivering and grunting into his gag as Stan continues to belt him. In an attempt to evade the pain of the belting, Alec spins round to hide his arse, so I clamp his tender nipples and chain them to the wall pipes, keeping the little bastard all exposed for our sadistic intentions. Alec howls with agony as the belt continues to spank him, harder and harder, his own nipples holding him captive up against the wall.

When Alec's arse is a deep, throbbing red, we tie his legs wide apart and part his cheeks, examining his sexy straight hole. I can't resist making him cry some more as I fingerfuck him, first with one finger, and then ramming two up there, forcing him to take it hard and fast. When we've reached all the way up into his straight guts, we turn on the cold shower again and leave him chained to the pipe to gasp and shiver, his nipples and arse in icy agony.

*** Scene 4 ***

Drowned in filthy bath, forced rimming, made to suck cock, then bent over with the aid of nipple and ball clamps, and spitroasted by the two sadistic tops Beating and humiliating straight lads usually knocks some of the fight out of them... for the real fun of forcing our hard dicks into their resistant mouths and arses. But Alec is still shouting and struggling as we drag him into the bathroom for yet more violation. To shut the little cunt up, and make him behave, we repeatedly plunge his head underwater into a cold, muddy tub left behind by the rugby players.

Forced to choose between drowning and begging to lick Stan's arsehole, Alec, desperately gasping for breath, finally begins rimming Stan as I shove his reluctant head deep into the hairy crack. We pass the boy around like a toy - after he's licked out Stan's hole, we grab his head and ram my cock deep into his throat. I facefuck him hard and fast, making his convulsing throat pleasure every inch of my rampant dick. But despite his subjugation, Alec is still trying to escape his fate. So Stan and I put our most painful clamps on his nipples and nuts, thread them through the bathtub handles, and yank them tight, immediately forcing Alec into a cruel bent over position where his mouth and arse are at our mercy. We plough our erect cocks into the squirming rugby player at both ends, slamming into his tight, hot holes. As we spitroast him, we jerk the clamps attached to his most tender areas, laughing cruelly at his total degradation. By the time we shoot hot spunk into his hole and over his face, Alec has finally given up fighting.
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