Straight Hell - Danny

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Dirty plumber secretly sniffs panties, and has to be punished. But the punishment is more public than he expects - and a lot more painful. Virgin arse fingered & fucked, gagged, CBT, all while being groped by leering gay men.
Rugged and down to earth, Danny is a typical plumber in every way, and I'm eyeing up his fit body as he tells me how he'll replace the immersion heater.
But I know what these blue collar workers are like, and I've set up a surefire trap for the horned up straight guy. When my 'daughter' walks in, fresh from a game of tennis, and leaves her knickers on top of the washing basket, all I have to do is pretend to go out... and wait.

Thinking he's alone, Danny reacts exactly as I knew he would. Unable to resist the lure of the female scent, he immediately sniffs the lacy panties, inhaling deeply as he fondles his growing hard-on through his trousers. But the dumb straight man is even more of a pervert than I thought - he tiptoes upstairs to the girl's bedroom, and begins rummaging in the drawer for even more underwear! Lurking in the doorway, I watch the dirty bastard sniffing all the knickers he can find.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!"
Danny whips round, terrified and full of shame. I tell him I'm going to call his boss, sue the company, and the guilty plumber begs me to reconsider - he'll do "anything" to avoid getting into trouble. But I drive a hard bargain. Not only will Danny be punished by me instead... he must submit to being blindfolded and handcuffed first.
Completely out of his comfort zone, Danny is plainly scared as I strip him naked and toy with his heavy cock and balls. To my delight, the stupid plumber still has a semi-on from sniffing the pants, and his dick twitches and stiffens to my touch.

Meanwhile, Dave and his mates have quietly let themselves in, knowing there's going to be a party. They nudge each other and silently smirk when I drag the naked plumber in on a leash, before tying him spread eagled and demonstrating how hard his cock gets with the slightest stroke. I grin at the lads as I spank Danny's arse, telling him what a scumbag he is, bringing my hand down hard over and over again until his cheeks glow red and he's pleading for me to stop.

But what comes next makes Danny wish I'd carried on spanking him. I shove a finger up into his tight arse, pushing roughly past his virgin sphincter and probing his guts as he gasps out in pain and horror at this unexpected intrusion. That's when I tell him I'm not really a married straight guy. Just before thrusting my rigid cock right up his arsehole. I slam in and out of the protesting sraight man, enjoying the added sensation as he clenches up in agony, gripping my cock as it slides in and out of his arse.

I nod to Dave, who silently reaches over and pinches Danny's nipple, beckoning his mate to help himself to Danny's chunky cock. Danny bucks in horror at the mystery hands, realising in a split second that the situation is even worse than he thought. He screams, "Who's that?! I thought we was alone!"
I just laugh and whip off his blindfold. The sight of the gay men leering up at him sends Danny into a panic - he struggles in his bonds, yells for help, but Dave just laughs and slaps a ballgag into his mouth, before gobbing on his face a few times.

All Danny can do is stand there and take it, as the lecherous men grab and maul his nipples, cock and balls, freely running their hands over Danny's firm straight body, untouched by any man before. Danny's helpless drool mingles with Dave's spit, dripping down his embarrased crimson face. Dave spurs the gays on to hurt the miserable plumber even more, and they tie up his testicles into two painfully tight bundles, before covering his vulnerable dick in a thicket of vicious wooden pegs, leaving every inch of his genitals burning with agony.

Danny moans and howls into his gag, but Dave and I have no sympathy - I continue slamming into Danny's delicious straight arse as Dave writes crude insults over Danny's face and body. I unload my cum onto Danny's forehead as the audience look on, before making the broken man, covered in cock pegs, spunk and degrading graffiti, pose for humiliating photos. Now I have more power over Danny than he realised was possible. He's well and truly mine.
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