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Marcus Pack - Corbin Fisher

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DescriptionMarcus Pack - Corbin Fisher.

1. Corbin Fisher - ACM0218 - Marcus (22nd August, 2005):
Marcus is one of those college studs with an insatiable sex appetite...fortunately his uber hot looks and confident demeanor prove an irresistable combination to the girls he approaches! His great physique was perfected through a lot of sweat in the gym and by competitively playing several sports. This is his adult video debut -- don't miss this straight stud as he busts a nut for the first time on camera!

2. Corbin Fisher - ACM0233 - Marcus Fucks Logan (3rd October, 2005):
Marcus just oozes sex appeal, and even before I ever shot his solo scene I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to see him fucking one of our other hot studs. He's so masculine and confident - almost cocky - and I have a weakness for hot, young, ripped guys with those kinds of attitudes! I knew he was going to be a tough nut to crack when it came to guy on guy action, however. He wouldn't stop talking about all the girls he's fucked and how much he loves (straight) sex when he was out here for his solo shoot, and flat out laughed whenever we'd hint at having him do stuff with guys. You know me, though! I don't give up easy. And eventually I was able to put a big enough dollar figure in front of him that he just couldn't refuse. Not to mention the fact that he's always so horny and eager to fuck that I personally think he got a kick out of the idea that another young straight guy would be his next conquest!

I really don't think anyone else came to mind but Logan when I was thinking about who I'd want to see Marcus fuck. Ever the champ, Logan's gone from progressing through his own CorbinFisher education to teaching the fresh meat what we're all about and usin' his own insatiable sex drive to show his fellow hetero buddies just what they'd all been missin' out on for so long! I personally wonder if any of the girls Marcus has been with delivered a BJ anywhere near as good as what Logan gives him, or could offer up a hole as tight as Logan's ass. Though he didn't want any part of touchin' another guy's dick or kissing Logan, Marcus' cock didn't complain about the treatment it was getting, and after drilling Logan good and hard, Marcus gives Logan's face and tongue a sizzling hot glazing!

3. Corbin Fisher - ACM0262 - Kyle Fucks Marcus (19th December, 2005):
We most often tend to think that bottoming is the "gayest" thing a guy can do. Which is to say, oral sex isn't as big a deal as anal sex, and getting fucked is the ultimate thing a guy can do when it comes to sex with other guys - the biggest and final step in the CF Education. Indeed, I usually approach things with that perception as well. Getting sucked off by another guy would be first base, sucking off a guy would be second, topping another man would be third base, and getting fucked in the ass by another guy would be the home run. Makes sense, doesn't it? It's just how I always assumed things to be, and most people I talk to think so as well. Funny enough, though, that's not always the case.

When I first threw the idea of guy-on-guy sex at Marcus, I figured I'd first try and sell him on the "easy stuff". It took a little while, but eventually he said he was game, and that's when he got sucked off by and fucked Logan. Shortly after that, I asked him what he felt about doing some mutual oral and trading blowjobs with a guy, figuring it was a sure bet. "Hell no!" he said, flat out! He expressed absolutely zero interest in the idea, despite already having received oral and fucked another guy! Having gotten shot down on my suggestion, I facetiously said "So I guess getting fucked is out of the question then, huh?" Well, I about dropped the phone when Marcus replied "No. I'll do that. I just won't suck dick or kiss a guy." Well, I ain't a psychologist so am not going to try and disect whatever's at work there, but even though I was disappointed Marcus wasn't at all interested in kissing or sucking off a guy, I wasn't going to pass up the chance to get him to bottom for us.

I decided to pair him up with Kyle, who'd proven himself pretty adept at doing just about anything, having already eagerly taken on Mason and Dirk. And so everything got put together and we let Kyle and Marcus have at it. The result? I don't quite think Marcus was ready for it. I mean, he took it, got fucked (I left a particularly funny piece of the video in where Kyle's dick first slips into Marcus's ass and Marcus is like "Oh!!!"), and got fucked pretty well by Kyle, even.

After a slow start, the thrusting started to speed up and even a little bit of dirty talk started to slip out of Marcus's lips right toward the end, when he was asking Kyle to nut on his back - which Kyle did, with a pretty massive load! But I don't think Marcus ever really got fully into it, or over the total newness and unfamiliarity of the situation. He just sort of braced himself, held on for dear life, and stuck it out 'til it was over. Can't win them all, I guess. Regardless, we've had so many requests to see Marcus getting fucked and to see more of Kyle that I decided to share the video as an extra update, knowing that the video still has some hot moments that shine through, and both Kyle and Marcus have a good following on CF and their fans might enjoy it! We can't always hit home runs, but maybe a sacrifice fly will get some of ya to cross homeplate, if you know what I mean.
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