CockyBoys - Eli Bennet & Kane Fox

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Eli Bennet is unfamiliar with this game, but he figures it out once Kane Fox lets his big dick flop out and tells him to “take care of it”. Eli happily surprises Kane by easily deep-throating him, following his commands to suck his big balls, and taking his face-fucking. Gleeful Eli already thinks he’s winning the game, but Kane isn’t ready to declare him the victor. After tugging down Eli’s briefs. he moves around to bury his face between his cheeks and eat out his ass.

Once Eli Bennet is completely spit-lubed, Kane Fox slides in his cock deep and wraps his arms around him as he fucks him. Kane loves the way he feels inside him and so does Eli who fucks himself Kane’s cock. As they are both turned on more, Kane gets them both fully nude and he holds Eli tighter and pounds him harder. Yet he eventually tempers his manhandling with sweetly passionate kisses before flipping him over the loveseat to suck his cock. When asked Eli tells Kane he wants his cock again and Kane takes advantage of his body position to fuck Eli in a slow, deep pile-driver.

Kane Fox son moves Eli Bennet and fucks him on his back, taking his time to thrust slow and deep and kiss him with passionate affection. As Eli is in the throes of exhilarating pleasure, Kane focuses his fucking on making Eli cum for him. With Kane’s verbal encouragement, Eli shoots a load over his chest and when Kane says he is close too, Eli asks for HE wants: a facial. And so, Kane obliges and gives him an open-mouthed facial and Eli happily sucks on Kane’s sensitive cock head. Yes, Eli wins the game and Kane’s cum on his face is the prize!

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