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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-12-17 |
    Straight stud gets gang fucked in a crowded cruising bathroom

    Hot stud Connor Patricks has his girlfriend wait in the hallway while he goes to the bathroom really quick. Connor has to go so bad that he runs to the urinal not even noticing the bathroom is a big cruising spot full of horny men. Just as he finishes taking a piss, he notices the two guys next to him playing with their cocks and staring at his own. Connor flips and spits in one of the guys' faces. Before he knows it Connor is wrestled to the ground and his clothes torn off. The straight prude has his cock edged and his ass fucked hard while being made to suck every cock. Connor begs for mercy but all he gets are hot loads of cum all over his face and body before being dragged off to the urinal, where the fun has only begun.

    Bound In Public -2013-03-01- Sebastian Keys, Reuven, John Jammen, Jessie Colter, Bryan Cole, Damian Taylor, Rowen Jackson, Connor Patricks and Adam Adonis (29804)

    Runtime: 42 minutes

    Res. 1280x720
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