Irmaos Dotados - My Big Cocked Brother-In-Law (Leicy, Kayo) (1080p)

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Leicy and his wife go to his brother-in-law's house to a visit. Once there, he is delighted with Kayo's house. While his wife goes to the kitchen to prepare lunch, the two are alone in the living room. Upon taking control of his brother-in-law's lap, Leicy realizes that his dick is hard and is very willing to suck it. At first Kayo doesn't let Leicy touch him, but then he ends up allowing it. Kayo gets up and goes to the bedroom to lie on the bed while his sister prepares lunch and Leicy goes behind with the excuse of wanting to go to the bathroom. Once there, Leicy can't take the urge and falls flat on his brother-in-law's big, thick crooked cock. Lunch is ready and everyone has lunch together in the kitchen, Leicy's wife receives a phone from her son's Soccer School and needs to leave urgently to solve the problem that her son has caused by leaving Leicy and Kayo alone at home. After his wife leaves, Leicy wastes no time and falls on her brother-in-law Kayo's mouth. The two kiss madly and go to the bedroom to fuck very tasty. Leicy completely surrenders to Kayo who sucks his ass with all willingness and kisses him intensely, placing him on all fours and penetrating him with all desire, leaving him very horny. With a lot of sex, sweat, moans and kisses, this is the type of movie that will make you delirious with lust. 

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