Bodybuilders Straight Muscle Trouble

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Many bodybuilders are gay friendly and/or gay for pay. And many bodybuilders
and voyeurs alike enjoy musclemen getting into trouble. And thus we have the
theme of this posting.

Enjoy the mostly straight bodybuilding contingent in this collection of worship
and mild bondage videos getting into the many things we like to see bodybuilders
do when they are not in the gym or competing. Which is most of the time.

Sample videos from the following studios are included:

Bound Jocks
Buff & Bound
Men On Edge
Muscle Hunks
Mission 4 Muscle
Straight Men In Trouble
Straight Muscle Guys

Amongst the many musclemen featured are the following:

A-Bomb (Adam Reich)
Big Roger (Roger Marvick)
Big Max (Ian McLeod)
Billy Herrington
Brad Hollibaugh
Caesar (Cameron Mitchell)
Chaz Ryan
Derek Atlas (Jeremy Rowback)
Frank Defeo
Gionvanni Volta
Grant Henderson
Joey Sergo
Johnny Bravo (David Riley)
Kurt Beckmann
Mark Dylan
Matthew Rush
Mitchell Rock (Jeffery Shiflet)
Mike Buffalari
Peter Latz (Nick Volpe)
Raphael Lapoirie
Rudolph Schneider
Steffen Mueller
Tom Katt
Victor del Campo
Vince Ferelli
Ty Fox
Tyler Lee
Zeb Atlas

Most of these bodybuilding wonders are straight but they all know how to deliver
their muscles to eager muscle addicts. Besides the worship and voyeur style videos
there are two sex collections called HomoMuscleSex and HeteroMuscleSex. Avoid the
latter if your preference is strictly homosex.

Of course, even in the HomoMuscleSex you will find straight bodybuilders getting
it on with guys.  For example, Vince Ferelli declares his sexuality is very fluid
and he tries anything on offer. Zeb Atlas has shifted through str8 sex to bisex to
homosex depending on his market. And Ty Fox was sprung by his own wife when she
discovered what he was getting up to on "those business trips."


Video File Metadata

Total running time is 23h54m20s in 73 videos.

Bound Muscle & Muscle Worship/
    960x544 2110kbs 19m08s - Bound Jocks MarcDylan Bodybuilder and AdrianLong.mp4
    320x240 478kbs 25fps 10m37s - Jockbutt BigRoger PeterLatz Muscle Worship.mp4
    960x540 969kbs 25fps 1h02m56s - Men On Edge MarcDylan Bodybuilder Bound and Jerked Off.mp4
    960x540 1338kbs 30fps 41m10s - Muscle Hunks EgonHuska RudolfSchneider are Duty Bound.mp4
    1280x720 2187kbs 30fps 14m41s - Muscle Worship Ripped Musclegod and Skinny Guy.mp4

Buff & Bound/
    856x480 1672kbs 6m45s - Buff & Bound BamBam Hogtied & Stripped.avi
    1280x720 3452kbs 30fps 20m17s - Buff & Bound BigMax in Trouble.mp4
    864x480 738kbs 30fps 13m15s - Buff & Bound ChazRyan Bound & Tickled.mp4
    480x360 671kbs 15fps 12m45s - Buff & Bound DerekAtlas Bound & Stripped.mp4
    856x480 1674kbs 11m38s - Buff & Bound JakeJethro Hogtied & Stripped.avi
    1280x720 3131kbs 30fps 22m20s - Buff & Bound MikeBuffalari SamRizzo Muscle Bound & Worshipped.mp4
    480x360 661kbs 15fps 10m24s - Buff & Bound PeterLatz Stripped & Bound.mp4

    480x360 1294kbs 15fps 12m52s - BradHollibaugh and Mary Wakeup Call.mp4
    448x336 808kbs 15fps 5m55s - BradHollibaugh Flexes and Mary Sucks.mp4
    448x336 715kbs 15fps 6m57s - BradHollibaugh Fucks His Wife.mp4
    480x360 810kbs 25fps 27m38s - FrankDefeo Making of a Porn Star Hetero Threeway with Two Bodybuilders.mp4
    560x416 1564kbs 15m38s - GrantHenderson aka GrantMichaels and MissyMonroe in What's Up Squirt?.avi
    512x384 905kbs 9m09s - GrantHenderson aka GrantMichaels in Dirty Laundry Hetero Sex al Fresco.avi
    596x336 591kbs 25fps 5m04s - KurtBeckmann Big Sexy Glutes Hetero Anal Fuck Live Muscle Show.mp4
    480x260 734kbs 25fps 13m26s - KurtBeckmann Is Giving Live Muscle Show.mp4
    480x260 558kbs 25fps 13m09s - KurtBeckmann SuckIt Bitch Live Muscle Show.mp4
    640x480 1017kbs 30fps 40m03s - Mutual Muscle Worship and Hetero Sex.mp4
    768x576 1222kbs 24fps 5m10s - RaphaelLapoirie Workout and Hetero Oral Treat on Hot Muscle TV no money shot.mp4
    640x480 1263kbs 25fps 26m46s - SteffenMueller Teenypuff statt Schullandheim - One on One then Orgy Time.mp4
    480x360 953kbs 25fps 12m30s - SteffenMueller The Dildo Maker.mp4
    688x336 1080kbs 25fps 17m52s - ZebAtlas Stranded - Ripped Bodybuilder Str8 Sex.mp4

    960x540 1237kbs 30fps 11m46s - Bound Gods presents Don't Ask Don't Tell with VinceFerelli TylerSaint [excerpts from full video].mp4
    384x216 570kbs 25fps 29m29s - Elite Male Presents MatthewRush JackDragon in Rush vs Dragon.mp4
    614x344 665kbs 24fps 15m57s - Horsepower Heaven with ZebAtlas and Worshipper.mp4
    348x234 516kbs 29fps 27m27s - PaulCarrigan Fucks Very Hairy Bodybuilder TomKatt in the Cop Shop.mp4
    640x362 954kbs 24fps 17m09s - Stag Homme Francesco & Federico in High Tops.mp4
    624x352 1503kbs 30fps 23m00s - Stag Homme MatthewRush + Toro Outdoor-Indoor Musclesex.mp4
    640x368 1407kbs 1h48m59s - Workin It Out (2010) MitchellRock TomKatt TyFox BillyHerrington Caesar JakeGianelli Etc.avi

Mission 4 Muscle/
    480x360 561kbs 15fps 15m04s - Mission 4 Muscle AdamReich aka A-Bomb Private Worship & Jerkoff Fantasy Session.mp4
    480x360 679kbs 25fps 15m03s - Mission 4 Muscle Best of Musclebutts.mp4
    1280x720 2019kbs 30fps 24m55s - Mission 4 Muscle BigMax JakeJethro Mutual Muscle Worship Session.mp4
    1280x720 1969kbs 30fps 16m10s - Mission 4 Muscle BrockVinson ChazRyan HunterManning in Bodybuilder Solos.mp4
    1280x720 1754kbs 30fps 13m50s - Mission 4 Muscle ChazRyan Bound & Pec Worshipped.mp4
    480x360 696kbs 15fps 13m31s - Mission 4 Muscle FrankDefeo DerekAtlas Naked Battle.mp4
    1280x720 2064kbs 30fps 15m15s - Mission 4 Muscle FrankDefeo KyleStevens Dual Worship.mp4
    1280x720 4137kbs 30fps 7m30s - Mission 4 Muscle JavierAcosta Huge Ripped Latino.mp4
    480x360 1175kbs 25fps 26m16s - Mission 4 Muscle JustinCox Worships FrankDefeo.mp4
    1280x720 2422kbs 30fps 18m51s - Mission 4 Muscle PeterLatz Private Hotel Worship & JerkOff Session.mp4
    1280x720 3512kbs 30fps 16m34s - Mission 4 Muscle TristanCage Muscle Pumping Workout.mp4
    480x360 650kbs 15fps 35m10s - Mission 4 Muscle TylerLee Worship & Jerkoff Muscle Encounter.mp4
    480x360 690kbs 15fps 11m52s - Mission 4 Muscle VictorDelCampo Private Upclose Muscle Session with Ripped NPC Bodybuilding Champ.mp4

Straight Men In Trouble/
    640x360 1055kbs 30fps 46m00s - Straight Men In Trouble Adam Sculpted Muscle in Trouble.mp4
    640x360 1067kbs 30fps 26m04s - Straight Men In Trouble Frank the Tank In Trouble.mp4
    480x360 829kbs 30fps 23m35s - Straight Men In Trouble Muscle Boy in Trouble.mp4
    640x360 1064kbs 30fps 43m26s - Straight Men In Trouble Muscle Man Frank Spanked at the Gym.mp4
    640x360 1066kbs 30fps 22m17s - Straight Men In Trouble Muscle Man Frank in Trouble at the Gym.mp4
    640x360 825kbs 30fps 46m30s - Straight Men In Trouble Officer Franco Ripped, Stripped and Dildoed.mp4
    640x360 1056kbs 30fps 20m54s - Straight Men In Trouble Superhero Stripped and Man Handled.mp4
    640x360 1083kbs 30fps 15m21s - Straight Men In Trouble Trouble with the Boss Employee Jerkoff.mp4
    640x360 1056kbs 30fps 21m53s - Straight Men In Trouble Webcam Invasion.mp4

Straight Muscle Guys/
    640x360 895kbs 25m14s - Straight Muscle Guys Basket Special Part1of2.avi
    640x360 892kbs 34m24s - Straight Muscle Guys Basket Special Part2of2.avi
    640x360 763kbs 30fps 17m06s - Straight Muscle Guys DavidRiley aka JohnnyBravo Flex.mp4
    640x480 758kbs 30fps 7m49s - Straight Muscle Guys DavidRiley aka JohnnyBravo Jockstrap in Bed.mp4
    640x360 793kbs 30fps 13m09s - Straight Muscle Guys DavidRiley aka JohnnyBravo Massive.mp4
    640x480 777kbs 30fps 18m14s - Straight Muscle Guys DavidRiley aka JohnnyBravo Muscle Cop.mp4
    640x480 1672kbs 15fps 9m55s - Straight Muscle Guys GiovanniVolta Shower Soap & Stroke.mp4
    640x480 1680kbs 15fps 16m14s - Straight Muscle Guys JoeySergo aka Tristan All the Right Moves Jockstrap Worship.mp4
    768x576 2310kbs 24fps 5m44s - Straight Muscle Guys JoeySergo aka Tristan Slideshow.mp4
    640x480 1674kbs 15fps 20m26s - Straight Muscle Guys JoeySergo aka Tristan Total Package Worship Upclose in Red Trunks.mp4
    640x480 1660kbs 15fps 21m49s - Straight Muscle Guys JoeySergo aka Tristan Webcam Show.mp4
    640x480 1695kbs 30fps 17m39s - Straight Muscle Guys Markus Bodybuilding Champ Special Ops Worship.mp4
    640x480 1661kbs 15fps 4m41s - Straight Muscle Guys Markus Bodybuilding Champ Worship in a Towel.mp4
    640x480 1709kbs 15fps 3m39s - Straight Muscle Guys Muscledom Muscle Domination Worship.mp4
    640x480 1677kbs 30fps 3m17s - Straight Muscle Guys Ripped Musclegod Upclose Flexing.mp4
    640x480 1590kbs 30fps 6m24s - Straight Muscle Guys SCM Outdoors with Baseball Bat Tight Tee then Shirtless.mp4
    640x480 1656kbs 15fps 14m36s - Straight Muscle Guys TKO Jockstrap Worship.mp4
    640x480 1643kbs 29fps 5m33s - Straight Muscle Guys Worship This Trouser Snake in a Wet Jockstrap.mp4

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