Bodybuilding 2002 Mr Olympia Contest

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DescriptionNon-porn == professional male bodybuilding

A follow up post to a small screen 2002 Olympia AVI file,
with more content and a larger screen size.

Arguably the best show and the best bodybuilders, the 2002 Mr Olympia
contest heralded the end of the "Golder Years" of the sport, soon to
bring on "The Bloat" of too many steroids, too many drugs.

These muscle athletes have closed in on the apex of male bodybuilding.

Here are the top 10 prize winners.

1  $110,000    Ronnie Coleman      United States
2  $75,000    Kevin Levrone      United States
3  $50,000    Chris Cormier      United States
4  $40,000    Dexter Jackson      United States
5  $30,000    Gunter Schlierkamp  Germany
6  $25,000    Lee Priest          Australia
7  $15,000    Flex Wheeler        United States
8  $14,000    Markus Ruhl        Germany
9  $12,000    Orville Burke      United States
10  $10,000    Dennis James        Germany

Want more muscle? Visit the 2002 Battle for the Olympia here:


Here are the three 2002 Olympia videos ...

768x576 1127kbs 0:27:26  2002 Mr Olympia A&E TV Doco
640x480 0580kbs 1:58:20  2002 Mr Olympia Contest with Russian Soundtrack
640x480 1289kbs 1:48:00  2002 Mr Olympia Pumproom

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