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How can you tell when a man is a pig? Right after he sticks his raw pieced dick into a greasy hole, he pulls out and kneels down to stick his tongue in to get a little taste. That is the opening action of Dutch Director Rick Strauss' fisting extravaganza Fist Meat 1, and it's companion piece Fist Meat 2. The most significant bareback fisting movies to come along since Dick Wadd.

The movie begins with Reddog, a bull of a man with a handsome face and a Mohawk, getting worked over by Tattoo pig, a well built chrome dome big dicked daddy, who is inked, pierced and very nasty. Tatttoo Pig delights in shoving Prince Albert up Reddog's hole, which Reddog doesn't seem to mind one bit. After some of this play, the two get down to some serious fisting activity. Reddog is laying on a platform sling mid-air, and he swings back and forth as Tattoo Pig punches out his hole.

Also in the room are two other chrome dome inked up younger dudes, Tattoo Charlie and Lukas Devky, who are engaged in some light play. Lukas comes over to check out some of raw PA fucking Tattoo Pig is giving Reddog. Lukas gives Tattoo Pig's dick and Reddog's hole a quick lick before moving over to play with Reddog's nips.

Now it's time for Reddog to return the favor, and soon he's easily sliding his huge paws into Tattoo Pig's gaping hole, while Lukas barebacks Charlie. Reddog works the pig's hole moving in and out like a piston, and Tattoo Pig's hard pierced cock hints at just how much he enjoys it. Soon Lukas pulls out, and both bottom men are getting fisted hard and fast, French kissing and clinging to each other as their holes take a beating.

Reddog then moves over to Charlie, and goes deep with his tree limbed sized forearms. However, Charlie soon is treated to a fister's dream, as the other three guys alternative sliding their hands in and out of his hole, and that's just the first 15 minutes. All three men work Charlie's hole, and Tattoo Pig even gets his greasy pierced dick in, until finally Lukas and Reddog each get a paw in simultaneously. After all that Tattoo Pig soothes the burn by rimming Charlie's blown-out butt, and Charlie gets a taste of Tatoo Pig's as well.

Next up, we see Tattoo Pig with another big dicked Chrome dome guy, Fist77. Of course the pig can't resist engaging in what seems like his usual warm-up routine, as he rims and barebacks Fist77, before punching open his hole. Tattoo Pig works open Fist77's hole, and alternates between dick and fist, and then places the bottom on an automobile tire suspended in mid-air. Tattoo Pig now works Fist77's hole from underneath the middle of the tire, as the bottom sits upright in midair. Soon the bottom lays down on the tire like a regular sling, and Tattoo Pig starts working and slapping open his hole until he's able to stretch it open for a gaping rosebud, which the pig just can't help but rim.

Next up we see Lukas and a average guy names Swisspig, and Lukas starts working open his hole with a little J-lube. Lukas warms up Swisspig with a large brown skin dildo, and is shortly working him with a large black string of pearls, much to his obvious delight.

After that, we're back with Reddog and Tattoo Pig, this time with the dog in the tire sling. Tattoo pig starts working 'dog's muscle hole, and the connection between the two men is obvious. Once again the pig fists, fucks, and rims Reddog's ass, and then does it all over again. This time, however, Tattoo gives the dog a double fisting of a lifetime.

Later, Tattoo Charlie is back, this time to top Tattoo Pig, and the pig squats in front of Charlie on a cage. Charlie furiously works his hole, with the pig's huge rock hard pierced cock flopping around. Charlie fists in various positions, and rims the pig who sprouts an incredibly bulbous rosebud, which is one of the most impressive ever captured on video.

Now it's Charlie's turn again, and he's again getting fisted by Reddog. This time we're treated to the sight of Reddog's massive arm working it's way to the elbow. Reddog is merciless, as he works both of his huge forearms into Charlie's hole, stretching it to the absolute limit in both width and depth.

Fist Meat 1 is a master stroke and a movie that will be counted among the best fisting flicks of all time. If total ass annihilation gets you going, you've got to get this disc.
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