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♺ FLW - SWAGGERS 3 - Down to Fuck

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-21 |

Director(s): Keith Kannon
Released: 12/22/2011
Run Time: 120 min.
Themes: Anal Sex, Black, Blow Jobs-Oral Sex, Rimming-Ass Licking, Submissive, Threesomes, Thugs

More muscular, thick, 'n juicy swagger dudes--9 horned up home boy hotties who just love gettin' their nut off with a like-minded buddy or two.  Lots of thick dick suckin' and bubble butt fuckin' fun is had by all.  There are no losers here!

DeAngelo Jackson and Malo, two dope ass lovers with big dicks and phat asses making out in bed ready to get their fuck on. DeAngelo has Malo suck his dick real good until it's time to tap that booty and fuck it til it can't take no more dick. Not an easy task considering Malo's ass is a dick destroying black hole, suckin it all in til that dick disappears never to be seen again. Malo is in so much ecstasy he just can't take it anymore and busts a monster nut all over his tight body!

Domino is sick and tired of being treated like shit by his man, so he calls up his homie to spill out his heart for a minute and invites him over to his crib. Yo, Domino sayin he done with brothas for a minute, but then Ninja rolls up to Domino's backyard and the two hit it off right away. Shit ya know how it is, ya can't deny a fine ass no matter how much you try. Ninja starts suckin that dick right there in the backyard when the two decide to head inside and continue their fuckfest there. The whole crew is hanging out inside, so the two get in there all naked and kick them bitches out, cuz they wanna fuck and don't give a shit. After everyone is cleared out the dick suckin continues once mo, and Domino gets in Ninja's ass fuckin it harder and harder!

Manny callin up this foo Justin who he just bumped into a minute ago and invites him over to his swanky ass motherfuckin motel room. He wants to fuck and so does Justin. The two aint got time for much talking, so they just get it right on, takin them clothes off and whipping out some big fuckin dick. Justin doesn't need an invitation to drop on his knees and to suck Manny's piece. Manny then takes Justin and slams in on his bed, who by now is just beggin for that meat to intrude hard and fast. Manny fucks Justin real good all doggy style til it's time to flip him over. Justin loves that dick so much he busts all over himself while Manny keeps wailin away at that phat ass.

Valentino is taking a shower, soapin up his dick real good, getting sparkly clean, only to find himself in a threesome gettin nasty as all fuck. Ciroc Star meanwhile is passed out on the bed, when Arquez steps up to him and whips out his thug pipe and slaps him in the face a lil. Ciroc is a total slut for dick so he's welcoming the rude awakening and deepthroats Arquez til his dick his hard as rock. Valentino is feelin a lil left out at this point, so he pulls down Ciroc's panties and figer fucks him while getting sucked off by Arquez. Soon Ciroc is pinned between the two getting fucked from all directions, but Arquez makes sure he gets some of Valentino's ass too. This is one spectacular fuck fest!
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