♺ The Exchange [Seabag Productions-InHand Video-All Worlds-Pleasure Productions]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-29 |
I have an InHand fan who asked for anything I could get my hands on.
So using an inside source (dont ask), I got this one from the distributor.

Sadly, he is a member of one of 2 movie groups of which I am no longer posting new material because of a post hijacker whose actions have put my inside connection and myself at risk.
I will locate him if possible and send him a link where he can get it, but that is the best I can do.

This movie is a never posted anywhere classic with a very strange plot, albeit not exactly new.
(How many mainstream post-apocalyptic movies are there now?  I lost count!)
This may be the only Gay adult one I know of, but there might be others.  Beats me, lol!

If you would like a sneak preview of this one (a dub from the C1R website), you can view live stream from my own site here: hxxp://tinyurl.com/texc-sbp-trlr-stream

It is different, I will say that, but it is hot and full of hunks for those who have that special taste for the type.

Info below, Details in the NFO file (For the techies!)



The Exchange [Seabag Productions-InHand Video-All Worlds-Pleasure Productions]


hxxp://xxx.pornwatcher.org/Studios/SeabagProductionsSummary.html (index only)


Surviving in a post-nuclear world, our young here, Harper, explores the darkened, raped hallways and naked action-filled rooms of the steamy Men-Only hostel called the Exchange. Animalistic desire rules the hot, sweaty hunks Harper encounters; where it is every man for himself, and aggression is the name of the game.  Could you survive?

Stars: Blake Cass, Dar Moon, Eric Manchester, Jesse Koehler, Kurt Bauer, Nick Fabrini, Shawn Peters

Director: Chris Stevens

Released: 1986


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