american way 3 love

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DescriptionSeth Ryan, Shane Glacier, Ashton Ryan, Ethan Fischer, Travis Wilde, Trevor Brighton, Scott Vallon, Dean Stamos, Caleb Andrews, Clifton Jeffries, and Evan Hurley

First off... let me start this review by saying: If you were one of the models in this movie, please marry me. Ok, now that we got that outta the way... How appropriate in this election season we review a movie so patriotically titled "The American Way 3: Love" Sure enough, your wang will be saluting the TV screen the entire time this movie's playing. Because it's hot! The movie is hot, the action is hot, and the models are hot. Some of the hottest models ever gathered in one porn flick, without a doubt. Hotter than a basket fulla freedom fries fresh outta the fryer!

Seth Ryan. This sexy, oh-so-fuckable blondie busted out on to the porn scene in The American Way 3... and then disappeared! It's his only porn movie (that we know about, at least... and we checked and asked and dug around and found no others) so that right there makes it a special find.

Not to mention the fact that it has (director) Kevin Clarke's ever-present twink superstar, Ashton Ryan. Ashton became a star with Clarke's first two flicks in this series, The American Way and The American Way 2: Lust. Just about any movie he shows up in is sure to be a twink-lover's fave, and this movie is no exception as Ashton and the rest of the boys are put to work in a hot as hell movie that shows each one of them off exceptionally.

You dedicated twink-lovers will also get an extra special stiffy outta Travis Wilde and Caleb Andrews, two boys that epitomize what it is to be a twink. Boyishly cute, smooth, shining faces, and horny as all heck!

Seriously, you'll watch this flick and see these hotties and become addicted to each and every one of them. The only thing this movie does better than satisfy your need to bust a massive nut is make you eager and desperate for more nut busting, fantabulous porn viewing pleasure with these hot boys. More, more, more!!! More Ashton! More Caleb! More Travis! MORE SETH! More all of them! Trevor and Shane and Scott and Dean and Ethan and Clifton! Even Evan in the ski mask!

We don't think it'd be the slightest exaggeration to say that this cast is perhaps one of the most nut-bustingest ensembles ever to grace a single flick. There's not a single boy in this movie that won't make your balls ache. Even the uncredited surprise hotties will make you slobber, drool and shoot.
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