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Pissed Off [Staxus]

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Director: Vlado Iresch
Year: 2010 - 2011 (compilation)
Length: 180 min
Condoms: No


Sc.1: (Bareback Piss School, Sc.2)
Young Saul Maxwell is feeling hot and horny. Fact is all he can think about is being spit-roasted and pissed on by some of his pals ? a desire that quickly becomes a reality thanks to the meaty uncut shafts of the likes of Timothy Nixon, Jeoshua Black and Milos Zambu. We�fre not exactly convinced that this sort of behaviour is actually tolerated in Czech classrooms on a regular basis, but this is porn ? and fucking fabulous porn at that! ? so who cares about reality? Instead, suffice it to say that this cum-splattered, piss-soaked display of youthful exuberance will have you tugging on your cock time and time again. The sight of Maxwell�fs freshly-fucked crack dripping with copious globs of spunk is arguably the scene�fs ultimate highlight; but his eventual piss-shower (courtesy of his mates) is another feature of the performance that will have you spurting in ecstasy!

Sc.2: (Special Piss Forces, Sc.4)
Sneaking off to see the doctor obviously didn�ft win Gavin Hitchman many favours with any of his colleagues in his military unit. Finding him in the showers ? where, incidentally, the young lad was having a grand time pissing all over himself! ? Kamil Fox, Alex Grander and Falco White promptly decide to take full advantage of his somewhat vulnerable predicament by pushing him down onto his knees and then getting their manly, uncut hoses out to soak him in fresh piss. To add insult to injury, they also force the lad to tell them how much he�fs enjoying their generosity ? when everything about him tells you nothing could be further from the case. That said, there�fs no doubt in our mind that you�fre gonna just love this short little scene, awash as it is with gallons of hot piss!

Sc.3: (Dirty Piss Fuckers, Sc.3)
A dark haired Twinkie starts off by pleasuring himself in the shower with a dildo and the blond haired mega hot cleaner from the last scene who didn�ft get the chance to finish his wank, asks his very frustrated shower boy, if he can join him. The shower boy soon begs the cleaner lad that he wants to sit on his stiff blond rock hard cock and of course the cleaner boy lets his shower Twinkie squat on his throbber. These two lads are clearly very frustrated as this ends up being a very intense physical session they both have together. We�fre surprised they didn�ft crack some of the tiles! Check out cum in the bum, piss in the bum and a bit of cum eating ? but don�ft say you haven�ft been warned!

Sc.4: (Doctor Piss, Sc.1)
Marcel Bimore has a somewhat unusual bedside manner for a doctor, it must be said ? a point that quickly becomes apparent in this opening scene at the Czech Republic�fs most infamous urology department. After all, he seems to pride himself in getting to know the people who visit him not just as patients but as individuals, which perhaps explains why he decides to make the most of his appointment with STAXUS new-boy, Andreas Felton. His medical diagnosis complete, he promptly turns his attention to his patient�fs thick, uncut cock, and encourages Felton to do much the same in return. As a result, it�fs not very long before Doctor Bimore is examining the insides of Felton�fs guts with his most trusted piece of equipment ? namely his dick! Whether Bimore is able to add any insight to his previous diagnosis as a result is anyone�fs guess. What we can say is that Felton gets a magnificent facial for his troubles, followed by a heavy cascade of piss! If only all doctor�fs appointments were as intense as this �c

Sc.5: (Special Piss Forces, Sc.7)
Another day, and another young, bright-eyed wannabe soldier walks into the recruiting centre ? this time, David Ballard, who has no idea what sort of welcome he�fs gonna get. Recruitment, after all, can be a cold and disheartening business; but not when you�fre like cock-hungry Ballard, who promptly responds to the soldiers�f advances by opening every orifice that nature gave him. Cue a fabulous display by the pale-skinned boy, as he takes cock in his mouth, up his arse and generally acts out the role of dick-crazed whore like a true pro. Concluding his performance by getting a ass-load of cum at one end of his body and a mouthful of spunk at the other. It�fs a five-knuckle show that�fll have you tossing into your Kleenex time and time again!

Sc.6: (Bareback Piss Factory, Sc.5)
It�fs a hard, economic truth, but the failure of any business always sees the arrival of the receivers ? the people who value goods and stock in the hope of retracting at least some minimal value from the company. On this particular occasion, young John Paul ? sent to evaluate the firm ? gets much more than he bargained for when he encounters two rather irate former-employees in the shape of Neil Cross and Chris Vipurs. He might represent the government, but that doesn�ft stand as any resistance to the hard, aching shafts that Cross and Vipurs have got stuffed in their pants, and which they�fre very quickly thrusting down his throat and between his butt-cheeks. Their jobs may have disappeared, but their unquenchable sexual desires remain very firmly in place. What�fs more, having suffered the ignominy of having spunk shot into his mouth, Paul is then thrown out of the building and finally pissed over. Political messages aside, in terms of gay porn this really is as hot as it cums!


Sc.7: (Piss My Cum Away 2, Sc.1)

Bartending can be a difficult job at times ? as young Don Rayne discovers when he tries to confront the excessive antics of a group of horny tourists, who enter his bar at closing time demanding a drink. As ever in this situations, the wrong word can kick off a whole escapade of trouble ? in this case, resulting in Rayne getting his clothes ripped off his back and his ass used and abused by the hyper-sexed visitors. Forced down onto his knees, the lad finds himself confronted with every gay man�fs dream: a whole collection of thick, hard, uncut shafts that are just gagging to be sucked. To his credit, Rayne valiantly tries to satisfy these throbbing cocks, but it isn�ft very long before he realises their real intent, as they force the lad over a table and proceed to expose his cute, pert arse. From that point on, of course, it�fs obvious where all those cocks are gonna be ending up, so it�fs perhaps just as well that young Rayne lies back and enjoys the experience. An encounter that concludes with the boy taking load after load of spunk in his mouth and over his face, before his arrogant customers underline their supremacy by pissing all over him! In short, a top-notch opener!!

Sc.8: (Bare Bukkake Piss Ballers, Sc.1)

Uber-horny cutie, Julien Heath, gets proceedings off to a fabulous start with the sort of scene that�fs more usually associated with the end of a film rather than the beginning. Returning from a hot, sweaty paint-balling escapade, he finds the locker-room filled with a gang of mega-horny young studs who want one thing and one thing only ? namely him! Cue a stupendous cock-sucking escapade that sees young Heath taking one hard shaft after another down his all-too-willing throat. It�fs the kind of thing that wet dreams are made of for sure, and it�fs really no surprise whatsoever that it takes only a few minutes before the session is reaching its climax. For young Heath, of course, this means getting the sort of �gspunktastic�h facial that has to be seen to be believed, as cock after desperate cock dumps an unbelievable amount of spunk (and piss) in his direction. We can only imagine the stench of jizz that must have filled that room on the day this terrific scene was filmed, but take it as read that nothing else about this cum-drenched, piss-soaked furore is left to the imagination. Filthy and sordid, this opener is a classic.

Sc.9: (Bareback Piss Factory, Sc.1)

When business is slack ? as it is for too many companies these days ? what else is there for young workers to do than get hot and sweaty via more intimate means? Abandoning their tools, Dean Grant and Ryan Cork do exactly that ? slipping out of their jeans to reveal their thick, uncut, shaven cocks, which they immediately take turns to gobble on. The unexpected arrival of Nick Deniels ? who on this occasion is clean-shaven and looking even more appealing than ever ? only adds further sparks to the occasion, not least because he�fs the one who ultimately takes a mouthful of sticky, creamy spunk (courtesy of Grant and Cork), followed by the contents of his colleagues�f overfilled bladders! Those looking for anal action should press fast-forward; but if the sight of young twinks mutually revelling in the sheer natural splendour of their bodily fluids is your forte then this is definitely a scene that�fs been dreamed up just for you!

Sc.10: (Piss My Cum Away, Sc.5)

If you remember this scene for one thing only we reckon it�fs gonna be the sight of Damian Dickey spunking the contents of his balls into Lucky Taylor�fs ass (splattering Justin Wilde in the face in the process), before plunging his cock back into Taylor to ensure that all that cream is forced deep inside. How director Vlado Iresch gets these lads to perform so recklessly is anyone�fs guess ? though money obviously has something to do with it! ? but what will you care? This is a fucking blistering threesome by anyone�fs standards, with Taylor cementing his place as a living legend in the world of gay porn ? not least of all by producing a cum-shot that blasts right from his groin up to his face! It might only be a threesome ? almost a disappointment in this flick ? but this trio of whores guarantee your balls will be almost as drained as theirs!

Sc.11: (Abducted & Degraded, Sc.2)

This isn�ft your ordinary sort of porn flick, so the appearance of Jon Reid carrying a lighted candle whilst dressed in a plastic shower cover and Lukas Brenkus wrapped from the neck downwards in cling film and with masking tape stuck over his mouth doesn�ft seem all that out of place. That said, it�fs a decidedly unfeeling character that doesn�ft show some degree of compassion for young Brenkus when Reid begins to drip hot wax onto his crotch, before forcing the unfortunate fellow to suck that thick, uncut shaft that he has nestling between his legs. Moments on and that same meaty monster is being forced into Brenkus�fs tight little pucker, forcing the excitable bottom against a wall in the process. Still, even if Brenkus isn�ft particularly enjoying the experience, the same cannot be said of Reid, who bangs away with gleeful relish before unburdening that heavy sack of his over Brenkus�fs leg. In this movie, however, everyone has to enjoy themselves, and the bottom�fs punishment for failing to do so is a terrific golden-shower courtesy of Rolando Wyer et al. Little wonder the cute little pup looks so thoroughly dejected by the time the end credits roll!

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