Diving Deep

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Descriptionaka : Diving Lagoon (Blue lagoon Pict)
"A group of scuba divers in search of lost treasures from an old sunken vessel; what they find instead in this paradise of crystal blue waters and pristine beaches is a manlust for each other, that can only be attained out of their wetsuits and while enjoying the golden beauty of each man's perfect body.

Scuba team leader Rick Perry leads a group of professional divers in an expedition for lost treasures of a sunken German warship. He assigns Adriano Lazarri and Jerry O'Connor to search the first area. When Adriano and Jerry come out of the water to take a rest on shore, Adriano helps Jerry to remove his wetsuit. One thing leads to another and Jerry wraps his lips around Adriano's rigid cock, while stroking on his own uncut, fat tool. Adriano is mesmerized as Jerry's cock grows in size, so he gets down to suck on the monster cock. Adriano stretches his mouth wide and is barely able to gorge on its enormity. Next, Jerry bends over as Adriano probes his butt hole first with his finger, then with his tongue.

When it is nice and lubricated with spit, he penetrates the hole with his cock. Jerry holds on to his knees, and Adriano plunges in and out of his fuck hole. Adriano then lies on his back and fucks Jerry by lifting his lower back, who straddles above him and his body arched backwards. At last they kiss torridly as their muscular bodies glisten under the scorching sun on the beach, and shoot their loads of pearly cream. As they walk off towards the dunes, their cocks remain hard and bounce with every stride.

The crew reaches the fjords where a catamaran sank, so Rick assigns another three of his men to dive and search the sunken vessel. After almost an hour of futile searching, the group goes ashore to takes a rest. Julian Vincenzo approaches Renato Bellagio, who is laying on his back relaxing on the beach, and kisses him on the mouth, as Ray Phillips comes ashore. Stripping off their wetsuits, Renato lays on his side with Julian giving him a blowjob, while Ray rims his ass holding one leg up in the air.

They switch places and Renato is face-fucking Ray, while Julian alternates between feasting on Ray's dick and eating out Renato's ass. With his tight hole well-primed, power bottom Renato receives Ray's man tool up his chute at the same time as he sucks on Julian's dick. Julian gets his turn at Renato's hole with a scissor fuck, while Ray sucks on Renato's man meat. Renato continues to receive the bounty of his buddy's cock, by lifting one leg up for Julian to plow him deeper. They move to a rock formation so Renato can suck on Ray's cock some more, while Julian fucks him from behind. When they have reached the pinnacle of their man lusts, Renato is the first to unleash a torrent of cum, followed by Julian and Ray, both of whom came with such force, it seems such a waste that their cum should just float away in the crystal clear water.

As the boat reaches another side of the island where a prison used to be, Rick Perry shows them the remains of the prison building where 2,000 prisoners once lived. When they reach their intended destination, they dive into the water to begin their exploration. After awhile, they come ashore for a respite, and take off their wetsuits. The sight of their nakedness makes each man's cock spring to life.

A moment later, Fred Goldsmith is sitting on Rick's face, while Shane Rage services Rick's cock. Soon, Fred's hole is being serviced by Shane's pierced tongue, while he chews on Rick's cock. Rick slips on a condom and enters Fred in a doggie position with Fred maintaining a hard-on, while Shane feeds his cock to Rick's eager mouth. Fred turns sideways to accommodate Rick's thick tool in a spooning position, precum oozing with each thrust.

Then he gives up his hole for Shane to plug, while Rick towers over him stroking on his own cock. He rides Shane's cock up and down, while his hand works on his cock. As Rick watches Fred being fucked, his body heat reaches a feverish pitch and he pops his load. Seeing this, Fred shoots a load of his own with Shane's cock still buried deep inside his ass. Shane slides his cock out of Fred's butt, slips off the condom, lets go his passion and shoots a stream of cum all over his chest. After the three men come, they walk away with their amazing cocks still rock-hard and pointing upwards.

The men come back onboard and Kevin assigns Jerry another diving job, this time with Lucio Maverick near the women's prison. When they reach their destination, the two men jump into the water. Their search yields nothing, so they decided to call it quits. When they get close to the beach they stop and kiss. Lucio helps Jerry out of his wetsuit and out pops Jerry's hard cock. Lucio immediately goes down to swallow the uncut cock and chew on Jerry's man sack.

Lucio works on Jerry's thick pink head with his mouth while his hands help by squeezing the shaft. Lucio in turn offers up his boner for Jerry to enjoy. Jerry gets on his back, flips his legs over and sticks his butt in the air, so Lucio can wet his hole with his tongue. With his legs open wide, Lucio starts by inserting one finger inside Jerry's hole, moving it in circular motion, then on to two fingers probing even deeper and stretching it wider.

By then, Lucio is so horny; he mounts Jerry in a missionary position. He slides his cock in and out of the fuck hole as if working out in a gym doing butt push ups. Jerry moans loudly from the sensation of the big cock entering him sideways, with one of his legs up in the air. Finally, Jerry assumes the doggie position and Lucio digs deeper and deeper. At last the two men stand facing each other and shoot their loads for each other.

Rick and his men never found the treasure, but they left knowing they are forever bound by this thing called manly love."

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