[AMVC]-Vulcan Amateurs 25

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Miguel is a hairy black man with a beautiful long foreskin that can completely cover his prick when fully hard. He lays back as the photographer jerks him to a messy climax,then plays with his wet foreskin. Miguel then takes matters into his own hands,shooting a second load onto his thigh as the camera zooms in for an erotic close-up. Then Miguel stands,and we watch as the cum drips from the end of his foreskin-covered cock. Not over yet,Miguel stands over the camera and pops one last load which the photographer coaxes out of him.


Jesus spreads his legs wide to show us his twitching asshole as he masturbates. The photographer finishes him off,and a huge load shoots up into the air and down the shaft of Jesus' penis. There's so much sperm that it eventually drips down into his open hairy asshole. Jesus throws his legs back,and the photographer massages the hot cum into his ass. Jesus then masturbates himself to climax,releasing another huge load. He stands up and poses as the camera zooms in on the sperm dripping from the end of his prick.


Lucky is a beautiful young man with a long uncut dick and hairy crotch. He keeps his legs wide and we enjoy multiple views of his hairy asshole before the photographer jerks him to climax. The hot cum rolls down his balls until it pools inside his gaping hole,and the photographer swirls it around the twitching hole. We are treated to more close-ups of Lucky's hairy crotch as he gets off a second time,finally shooting another big load. The photographer coaxes the last drops of sperm out of his wet foreskin. The scene closes with Lucky standing over the camera,spreading his cheeks so we can enjoy one last close-up of his hairy asshole.

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