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The Best Of Hard Friction - Volume #2 (Hard Friction)

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DescriptionBest Of Hard Friction Volume 2
Hard Friction
Director Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond
Starring Steve Cruz, Valentin Petrov, Colby Keller, Brandon Lewis, Fabio Stallone, Donny Wright, Sean Stavos, Alessio Romero, Trey Turner, Heath Jordan, Juaquin Ramirez, Ben Stone
Hard Friction creators Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond have hand-selected the hottest scenes ever produced from their dynamic, exciting and energized line, and put them together on this limited edition, collection: 'Best of Hard Friction, Volume 2'. With over 2 1/2 hours of steaming hot, gay porn, 'Best of Hard Friction, Volume 2' is guaranteed to have you shooting. This electric DVD is filled with six scenes including the hottest guys having unbridled, uninhibited man sex.

Brandon Lewis and Sean Stavos. It's a perfect lazy summer day in the woods. The sun is shining through the trees bathing Brandon Lewis in sparkling light as he rocks in his hammock. Hairy man Sean Stavos is watching from above as Brandon strokes his big fat cock. As attraction takes over, it seems unfair to leave Brandon alone to service himself. He dives in with erection in hand and sucks him off right there in the outdoors. After the foreplay, Brandon leads Sean to the treehouse and they collapse into each other's arms. He rims Sean's perfect round ass prepping it for the ride of his life. So Sean climbs aboard and rides Brandon's hard cock like a trick pony! Brandon takes him from behind in an embrace plunging his girth in deep while they kiss… then he flips Sean on his back so he can stare into his eyes as they unleash two generous loads, with Brandon's shooting across the room and onto Sean's pillow.

Donny Wright and Juaquin Ramirez
Directed by: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

Donny Wright fucks Juaquin Ramirez – It's a lazy, sweltering afternoon- bronzed Adonis, Donny Wright and hot pool boy Juaquin Ramirez escape the hundred-degree weather by taking a plunge. How long before their suits come off and their juicy uncut cocks come out?. Juaquin plays with Donny's perfect cock for a while before they take it indoors. In the cool of the bedroom, they take it all the way. Juaquin sucks Donny then Donny eats Juaquin's smooth brown butt. Donny fucks Juaquin from behind hard on the bed while they watch the action in a full-length mirror. Donny fucks Juaquin on his back and then Juaquin takes over and bounces on Donny's pole until the sweat pours off of them both. Donny pumps Juaquin's spot until he's blowing a load all over the two of them. But nothing compares to Donny's milky explosion! We've never seen so much cum! Time for another dip in the pool?

Valentin Petrov and Trey Turner
Directed by: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

As colorful Metro Miami sparkles out on the horizon, Trey Turner and Valentin Petrov kiss passionately. The multicultural sounds and flavors of Miami rise from below. In the heat of the night they retire to their room but no one will sleep. Trey kisses down Valentin's hard lean muscled body, down to his extra large uncut cock. Trey feasts on it savoring the flavor of extra skin. Valentin reciprocates going down on Trey's thick throbber, feeding on him voraciously; begging for it with his eyes like a dog on a bone. Both men are young and extra hung.
A true versatile exchange, first Trey flips Valentin on his back. Trey rims his perfect white ass just before the deep plunge. Valentin moans with his heavy Russian accent- ‘Fuck my ass', he demands. When it's Trey's turn to get fucked, he takes that big stake like a pro! Such a meaty ass! Trey redefines the meaning of bounce. Once Trey is flipped on his back two lock into hypnotic passion and release their hot loads onto sweaty jock muscle.

Steve Cruz and Heath Jordan
Directed by: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

Steve Cruz is lonely sitting in the window looking out over the city. He sends a text saying ‘I miss you' then climbs into bed, alone. The next day, he is awakened from his sleep by furry hunk, Heath Jordan. They kiss and explore each other's bodies. The attraction is intense. Steve hungrily slurps and sucks on Heath's hard cock then shoves his own dick in Heath's mouth. Steve finds his way down to Heath's hairy hole and loosens it up with his tongue. He licks from the puckered hole to the hairy balls to the tip of Heath's cock and back down again as Heath moans in ecstasy. Heath can't take the intensity anymore and flips Steve over to prime his hole for fucking. He loosens it up with his tongue and then slides in his hard cock while holding Steve's legs in the air so he can pound his willing ass. Steve then flips Heath over and takes a turn pounding his hairy hole. The intensity builds until both studs blow their hot loads.

Fabio Stallone and Alessio Romero
Directed by: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

Knock – Italian stud Fabio Stallone is taking a shower. He lathers his ripped abs and giant cock. There is a knock at the door. Fabio throws on a towel to answer. Inked muscle man Alessio Romero pushes his way into the room. They kiss, and then Alessio drops to his knees, pulls off Fabio's towel, and starts to suck Fabio's big, uncut cock. Fabio pulls Alessio over to the edge of the bed so he can get his cock serviced in comfort. He lies back and enjoys it until he is ready to work over Alessio's big dick. After some sloppy cock sucking, Fabio turns Alessio over to warm up his ass. He rims his hairy hole until he is ready to pound him with his monster meat. Alessio wants it bad and pushes his hungry hole toward the hot Italian stud giving it to him from behind. Fabio is ready to get his own ass fucked and moves to the edge of the bed so his big dick hangs off the side. Alessio stands up so he can really power fuck the young stud. Both men collapse on the bed and work out their big loads together.

Colby Keller and Ben Stone
Directed by: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

New York never sleeps, why should Colby Keller and Ben Stone?. Ben's loft is high above the midtown noise. Colby swings by for that ‘Late Night Hit' that always satisfies. They go right to it like they have many nights before. Passion is intense. Ben goes down on Colby who's hard before his big white meat even bounces out of his jeans. Ben opens his throat wide the way men do, swallowing him whole. Colby responds by ordering him to suck his balls and face fucking him the way Ben likes. Then Colby flips Ben over the table so he can look at his wide muscular back and perfect round ass. He slides his tongue into the spot that has his back for more night after night.
When its time for fucking Colby has a powerful thrust and his own sense of rhythm, slow and deep then fast and relentless. The fuck like men, aggressive and driving! Furniture thrashes, walls shake! They fuck on the table, they fuck on the bed… but when he flips Ben to face him Colby raises the intensity! Locked into one another they both find an intense release, Colby holds it while he ejects white blasts of cream onto Ben's chest, cock and balls… Ben whips it up and thrusts a few shots into the air before both collapse in a pool of their sweat. 

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