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[TM] Double Barrel

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DescriptionThe forest wood is big and hard, the guns are cocked and loaded. So double your pleasure and your fun in Double Barrel as nine amazing hunks take you on a deep and dirty adventure into the woods. You'll shoot far and wide over this masculine action, so fire away and enjoy the hot hunt for manholes.

When muscular park ranger Steve Carlisle runs into hunting friends Alex Baresi and Marco Blaze along the trail, he asks them for their permit — but the studs can't comply. "Maybe we could work something out," suggests the authority figure, his groin soon groped as the three start kissing, their bulges already bursting. The three shed their clothes and Alex gives expert service to Steve's milky white body and red-hot boner. While watching the action, Marco's massive uncut cock throbs in excitement. He smiles at Alex, who grinds against Steve, their boners grazing each other. As Marco whips his cock around, Alex plants his lips at the base of Steve's shaft in a hot deep-throat display. Smooth-headed Steve then drops to his knees, taking turns sucking his two buds — with gorgeous side shots capturing Marco's massive meat. Marco moans as he gets serviced, then offers his hand to Alex — who spits in it so Marco can jack off. The two kiss above Steve before the three squirt. Moving into Steve's office, the three strip down again while kissing.

Marco quickly positions dark and hairy Alex over the table and buries his tongue into the hunk's hole. Alex in turn feasts on Steve's cheeks as Marco whips his meat against Alex's ass. He then slides his shaft inside Alex, who starts sucking on Steve. The two hard cocks disappear into both of Alex's holes. Steve then gets on his back for his own shot of Marco, burying his face into Alex's pecs as he gets plowed. Marco slaps Steve's ass, and soon the bottom is 69ing with Alex as the three men stay busy. Alex then lies beside Steve so Marco can take turns on their holes, the two bottoms kissing as they get hammered. Marco gets in some hard thrusts, his balls bouncing away as his shaft gets a workout. Alex fires off his second load as he gets fucked, and his buds follow suit — with the million muscles on Marco's body clenching as he fires off his load.

Decked out in his camouflage pants and vest, hunky CJ Madison cleans his gun while bald muscle bud Coby Mitchell watches as the two relax outside. "What are you lookin' at?" asks CJ, suggestively holding his giant rifle. That's when Coby leans in, planting his hand on CJ's groin and his lips on CJ's mouth. As soon as the two start kissing and rubbing each other, you can tell something special is in store. CJ whips out his big uncut meat, hovering over Coby as they continue to kiss and stare into each other's eyes. CJ feeds his pre-cum to Coby, who kneels in front of the tall stud and sucks away. Coby's muscular biceps and legs flex as he gets to work, and CJ wraps his hand around the back of his pleaser's head. CJ spits down on his own cock and starts to get more verbal as the scene continues, offering encouragement and instructions. The two can't keep their hands off each other, and Coby's cock throbs as he sucks CJ, soon licking his chest and pit. CJ licks his own pre-cum soaked fingers before feeding them to Coby, spit strands dripping from his mouth. After sucking Coby's stiff cock, the two jack off — with a moaning CJ spraying a huge load all over his friend. Moving into the back of their truck, the duo continues to kiss.

An amazing shot shows CJ grinding his throbbing cock (hands free!) against Coby's ass as the bottom's dick throbs all by itself. CJ finally slides his beast inside Coby's tight hole, and Coby takes control by sliding up and down: "Ride it! Oh shit... yeah boy!" Coby then turns around to get a kiss, wrapping his arm around CJ as CJ rubs Coby's leg. The two take turns in control of the fuck, showing off their muscular ass and legs as they thrust deep and hard — with CJ's giant slab constantly disappearing. After turning around and stealing another kiss from CJ, Coby gets on his back and wraps his legs around the top. CJ leans down and the two kiss again as the fuck continues, with two more hot loads on the way: Coby's wad hits his muscular pecs, while CJ unleashes another gusher. Yet another kiss and a hot smile from CJ end this unforgettable scene.

As Chad Manning and Revel Milan wander through the woods on the prowl, they take a break to unleash steady streams of piss. As masculine, scruffy bearded Chad unloads, handsome Revel can't help but watch. Revel then takes his turn, the two smiling at each other before Chad beckons his friend closer. They settle into a clearing and put down their guns. No words are exchanged as Chad drops to his knees and goes for what he wants — Revel's big, dark meat. Chad deep throats the stud's uncut slab as Revel wraps his hand around his sucker's head, then takes off his shirt to reveal his huge, smooth chest. Chad then pulls down his jeans to unleash his own big boner, which he soon stuffs down his pal's mouth. Revel shows off his amazing lips and tongue, which beautifully wrap around Chad's shaft. The slurp sounds get hotter as Revel's attentive mouth gets to work, with huge spit streams dripping down. Chad then fires off a load right down the middle of Revel's defined chest. The two head inside to the hardwood floors of a room overlooking the woods, getting cozy by the fireplace. The two kiss, with Chad towering over dark-haired Revel as their two stiff poles stick out. Revel gets on his stomach and offers his muscular ass for munching. He moans as his hole gets wet attention from Chad's tongue, the perfect warm-up for what follows: Chad shoves his hard meat inside Revel's ass and starts slamming. Revel jacks his huge boner, which he pushes down over the side of the cushion. Chad's fuck gets faster, and Revel's giant cock frantically slides against the sofa in a long and mouthwatering sequence. Revel then gets on his back and spread his legs, holding his hard boner at the base as Chad fucks harder and faster, and the two finally let out their loads, smiling at each other as a kiss ends the action.

As beefy, muscle hunk Dirk Jager sleeps outside of his tent, toned and trim friend Max Schutler heads out near the campfire to unleash a load of piss. Woken from his slumber, Dirk lets out a smile from his salt-and-pepper beard as he watches from behind. Max turns around and returns the glance, then heads over for a kiss. The dark-haired smoothie starts to rub and lick Dirk's massive chest, then grabs Dirk's bulge — which is quickly unleashed from his jeans. The fire crackling behind them, Max wastes no time deep-throating Dirk's big rod. It's a beauty to behold how quickly, deeply and easily Max repeatedly takes the shaft, also licking Dirk's big balls. Dirk then bends over, his massive tree trunk legs offering his ass for attention. Dirk's hairy hole gets nice and wet, and the two soon kiss again before Dirk drops down to suck Max's uncut throbber. Dirk is also a deep sucker, and spit soon drips down his mouth — with one hot strand sticking to Max's sac. Dirk stays stiff as he gags on Max's meat, and the two then fire off their cream — with Dirk's eight-pack clenching as he releases. Max then heads over to the outdoor cot, where he gets on all fours. Dirk starts to fuck the moaning bottom from behind, getting faster as the cot starts creaking. Max comes up for a kiss and then gets on the ground for more.

Dirk slides in from behind, the two lying on their sides as Max strokes his shaft. Max wraps his arm around Dirk, pulling him in for a kiss as he gets fucked. Max gets on his back and rolls his legs up around Dirk's neck as Dirk fucks him faster and harder, the hot sound of flesh smacking against flesh filling the air. Max groans as Dirk thrusts away, the top's muscular body tightening as he practically supports himself mid-air. The two stare in each other's eyes as they unleash their second explosions of cum.

Cast:  Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager, Alex Baresi, Chad Manning, Steve Carlisle, C.J. Madison, Revel Milan, Coby Mitchell, Max Schutler

Director:  Brian Mills
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