Superman Escapes Emasculation FULL

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DescriptionDr X’s evil assistant is in a warehouse calling Superman back in.  They have been keeping Superman’s cock and balls locked in a kryptonite chastity device, which not only weakens his powers, but humiliates him and takes away his manhood.  It’s time for his routine milking, which they do to use his super cum for evil science experiments…

When Superman arrives, he stumbles in, weak and humiliated.  The assistant is full of glee, and ready to humiliate and violate Superman in any way he pleases.  As he gropes Superman after some taunting, he gets aroused.  He informs Superman that he has been using a serum developed from his kryptonian cum that make him more powerful than ever, and he could easily defeat the weakened man of steel now.

Superman challenges him.  After the chastity device is removed, he tries to take on the assistant but the assistant easily fights him off and starts to abuse his balls.  He makes Superman worship his feet slowly, then he goes to get “something extra special…”

He returns with a bright yellow liquid.  It’s basically liquid kryptonite, which he pours all over Superman, and even rubs it in his balls.  Superman screams in pain, and as the assistant leaves him in anguish, he rips off his Super suit and throws it on the floor to get some of the burning liquid off his skin…
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