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DescriptionEven if the guys in the "SexGaymes" series weren't hot, their sexual energy level alone would make these Australian imports worth watching. But the guys are hot, and that just makes them all the more enjoyable. "SexGaymes: Pace," like its predecessors, offers locker room, athletic pitch, and gym-themed sex, and the action is flat-out mind blowing.

In the first scene, "Pace," three studs leave the field for a locker room encounter that leads to a hot, naked three-way fuck. Brendan Austen, the sexual dynamo, co-stars with Drake Romano and Kaine Richards. All three have tight bodies and handsome faces, and their lust for each other makes the scene astoundingly real, with Brendan at one point fucking one stud while he gets it in the ass from the other. The photography, which captures the action from underneath for the most part, is very well done. Brendan shoots a knee-shaking cum-shot in the end, with the other two quickly following suit, the sounds of their loud groans and moans echoing in the locker room as they reach orgasm. The production notes state that they couldn't keep their hands off each other before, during and after the shoot -- it must be true, because the intensity of their lusty feelings shows through in the final product.

In the second segment, "Wog Guys," two footballers, Drake Romano and Tony Charcos, take off their gear in the locker room, and after showering, Tony complains to Drake that his girlfriend isn't a fan of his cockring, which actually makes his fat meaty dick look fabulous, if you ask me. To make him feel better, Drake decides to give his pal a blowjob. Then Tony bends Drake over and tongues his ass before sliding his dick in and giving his a very hot doggy-fuck. Tony's technique includes sliding his dick in balls deep and holding it there, and Drake obviously gets off on the way his ass feels, fully stuffed. Then the dudes do a flip-flop, and Drake puts on the cockring and thrusts into Tony's waiting ass missionary. Both shoot major loads in the end, leaving Tony's well-defined torso slick with sperm.

The next segment, cleverly titled "She's Get Hers Tonight," revisits that old "seducing the straight guy" theme, but with a twist. This time, the straight guy's girlfriend is around most of the time (but not involved in the action). Hunky Damon Bradley, who plays the straight guy, is doing sit-ups poolside while his girlfriend counts off reps when gorgeous stud David Bray appears wearing his very small Speedo. "What are you lookin' at?" the girlfriend brays to Damon (cheeky bitch!). The mouthy girlfriend watches as the two studs race in the pool, but when they go to the off-limits-to-females locker room, the action is on. Throughout the scene, they refer to the fact that David is straight, but he appears so well versed in the art of gay sex that it's somewhat hard to believe. Anyway, these two studs do a flip-flop fuck, following some nice, long sucking preliminaries. David's tight torso and thick prong look great plunging into Damon's ass. David also is quite skilled at the art of rimming, reaching around to jerk Damon's cock and pinch his nipples as he works it. While David pounds Damon's ass, his girlfriend paces around outside, waiting (take that, honey!). Then David offers up his "straight guy" ass to Damon, and they switch off, with Damon slowly taking David's hole. David jerks his dick as Damon fucks him, and the live sound, with the two studs murmuring encouragement and moans, add a lot to the eroticism. Damon, who pretty much has the torso of a Greek god, blasts off while jerking hard over David's chest, and then David follows with his load while Damon pinches David's nipples, leaving cum dripping off Damon's dick and his own crotch. And, yes, the girlfriend's still waiting.

In "Harbor Cruising," American porn star Lance Gear gets cruised by Drake Romano in Sydney Harbor, as the two paddle canoes around. Drake invites Lance up to his place, which has a beautiful view, and the two studs rival it for attention when they get down to business. Drake gets Gear's gear off in a hurry (it's only a Speedo, after all), and immediately goes down on him, then Gear gets a face full of Drake's uncut dick. Drake then fucks Lance doggy, his hard pecs and ridged abs standing out in relief as he thrusts. Then the two switch off and Lance is fucking Drake from behind. Before they're done, they switch again, this time with Lance getting it missionary from Drake (so hard, in fact, that I was worried about Lance getting rug burn). Drake lets fly a huge load that jets over Lance's head and drips onto his waiting tongue, then Lance strokes off, leaving his load all over his torso and lower belly. The scene ends with some of Drake's cum sticking between the studs' chins as they kiss.

In the final scene, Damon Bradley returns and we get to see where he gets his body, working out with German trainer Marc Amon. Marc is ready to help Damon out with a muscle ache, but when he catches sight of Damon's round ass globes framed by his jockstrap, he gets a little ache of his own. What follows is a scene that shows how much fun the gym can be with only two hard-bodies who are hot for each other, and it doesn't involve counting reps. Marc gives Damon one of the longest, wettest, and noisiest rims I've ever seen (and heard!), and then Damon blows Marc while he balances on an exercise ball. When Marc fucks Damon, the camera zooms in for a close-up view of his thick cock sliding easily in and out of Damon's puckered, ready hole, and this time it's Damon who is propped up by the exercise ball. The two move to the floor, where Marc fucks Damon missionary, and the scene ends with Damon jacking his own cock to orgasm while Marc finger-fucks him, and then Marc shooting the messiest, biggest load of the entire production, all over Damon's taut torso.

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*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Brendan Austen, Damon Bradely, Marc Amon, Drake Romano, Kaine Richards, David Bray, Tony Charcos and Lance Gear.
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