♺ AtticMen 133 & 182 - Leo Bags a Bear & White-Footed Bears

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Original upload: 2009-03-11 |

Poor Leo. He loves bears, and bears, as you know, are a finicky species. They either only want other bears, or they want twinks, or they, well, I don�t know what the hell they want. But luckily when I met Chase McCloud, a nice bear in his own right, he was interested in perennial otter Leo. I showed him a photo of Leo, with his nice uncut cock and pelt of black chest hair, and he was immediately in. I knew that Leo had a �big guy with overalls� fetish, so Chase dressed the part, with some nice denim ones and no shirt. The two hit it off right away, and started with some kissing, leading to a nice bit of cocksucking. Then, over the course of 50 minutes the two naked guys make out, suck cock, eat ass and fuck, with big-boy-bear Chase getting fucked by lil� Leo in SEVERAL positions. For bear fans, or just fans of REAL amateur sex, this is a cum-shootin� scorcher of a film!


Pity poor Leo Wooderson. He has always been one of the more popular actors in the Attic, but his true preference, bears, is in rare supply, which was why he was so glad when I told him I had two of his previous bear-experiences coming to make up a three-way!

After a bit of inspired silliness at the door, Leo is delighted when Chase McCloud and John Lawless show up to get their asses fucked. The sex starts right away, as the three guys tongue kiss each other in sets of two and three. Soon the guys are slowly stripping, displaying full nipples, nice asses, hairy pecs and long cocks.

John and Chase take turn sucking Leo�s uncut cock, while the guys take full advantage of modern rimming technology. Soon Leo is fucking both bears, going back and forth to their tight asses. The film ends forty-seven minutes later with three loads of bear cum!

The white foot in the title refers to the white socks Leo and Chase leave on. John also leaves on his combat boots! A naked, hairy 20-year-old with just his boots on is hotter than I thought it would be!
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