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MBZ - School Of the Prophets - Elders Gonzalez, Hardt, & Harward

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DescriptionElders Gonzalez, Hardt and Harward have been invited to join the School of the Prophets. Little do they know that one of them will leave the School with a very sore, and very happy, ass.

Elders are selected from the missionary program, brought into the school of the prophets, then sent back out into the field to find new recruits from a pool of hot mormon missionaries.

As instructed, Elder Hardt has brought Elder Harward to where the school meets. Bishop Angus asks Elder Hardt to have a seat, and then without explanation proceeds to remove Elder HarwardÂ’s shoes and socks. Is he going to wash my feet? Elder Harward wonders. Then he starts to rub Elder HarwardÂ’s wide shoulders, and to massage his flat, muscled torso through his garments.

Bishop Angus pulls off Elder HarwardÂ’s shirt, revealing his hairy chest and the line of hair on his belly that disappears into his trousers. He pulls down the boyÂ’s pants to reveal a massive boner tugging at his garments. The bishop gives it a tug, then rolls the garments down. Elder HarwardÂ’s dick pops out, like it has a mind of its own.

The bishop takes the elder back to the couch and sits him down, and the other two missionaries run their hands along his inner thighs, his belly, his dick, his balls. Elder Harward throws his arms around their shoulders and throws his head back. It feels incredible to have so many men he loves tending to his body.

Like hundreds of young men before them, these young men have arrived at this moment with all the preparation they need. Read more . . .
As Bishop Angus takes Elder HarwardÂ’s dick in his mouth, the other two elders take their clothes off. Elder Gonzalez pulls his huge dick out of the opening in his garments and starts to stroke it slowly. The bishop whispers instructions to the boys and takes a seat next to patriarch Smith.

Hardward lies down on the ottoman and throws his legs in the air. He spreads his legs and motions for Elder Gonzalez to massage his hole. ItÂ’s tight and wet, and Elder Gonzalez canÂ’t wait to get inside. He flips Elder Harward onto his hands and knees and begins to work in just the head of his dick. Elder Harward takes it like a champ, grimacing as the his butt slowly loosens to accommodate the fat dick pushing its way in.

Once Elder Gonzalez is all the way in, he starts to fuck him. Elder Harward drops his head down with a moan. HeÂ’s never had anything so big in there.Elder Gonzalez goes slow, sensing that Elder Harward needs to warm up.

The Patriarch motions for Elder Hardt to join the fun, so he slips his shaft through the opening of his garments and sidles up behind Elder Harward. He picks up where Elder Gonzalez left off, a hand on Elder HarwardÂ’s ass, slipping his gorgeous dick in and pounding away. Elder Harward starts gasping as Elder Hardt fucks him, clutching at the ottoman. Elder Hardt slaps his ass and slows down, really feeling his dick sliding in and out of the other elderÂ’s ass.

Elder Hardt takes off his garment bottoms and rolls Elder Harward over onto his side. He gets a good look at Elder HarwardÂ’s backside before putting his dick in fucking him. Then Elder Gonzalez takes back over, pushing Elder HarwardÂ’s legs back and lifting his hole into the air. He slips his dick back in. After a good fuck, Elder Harward releases a load of hot white cum on his belly.

While Elder Hardt masturbates furiously on the couch, Elder Gonzalez stands above Elder Harward, their legs touching. Elder Hardt works himself to a climax, then jumps off the couch and blows a huge wad all over Elder HarwardÂ’s face. His whole body goes rigid with pleasure; he throws his head back and moans.

At the same moment, Elder Gonzalez reaches his climax and chums a second time, plastering Elder HarwardÂ’s chest. Elder Harward, happy to be the recipient of so much cum, takes Elder HardtÂ’s dick in his mouth and massages Elder GonzalezÂ’s dick with his hand.

He never would have imagined that the School of the Prophets would be so much fun.

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