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Johnny Forza fucks Lucas Weston's Virgin Hole

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DescriptionHot video of Lucas Weston moaning as he gets fucked for the first time by Johnny Forza !
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Lucas doubts he will like a cock up his ass, but to be honest he has a "lady protests too much vibe."  The two boys get naked, and Johnny is ready to play. Lucas gets on his knees and gingerly puts some meat in his mouth. He instantly recoils, but returns.

"Just suck him like you like to get sucked off," the cameraman advises.

Lucas slowly sucks, even tries to deep throat. There is some melodramatic gagging. Has anyone looked more perfect as a cock sucker than when Lucas looks up into Johnny's face?

The two get back on the bed, with Lucas wiping effort tears from his face. He fondles Johnny's nuts as he puts the Garden State stud in blow job heaven. While we're on the topic of the Elysian Fields,  anyone notice how Lucas' toes curl as he sucks away? Wonder why they do that? LOL!

"He's a natural," Johnny observes when asked how Lucas' pole skills are.

Lucas pulls up again because of all the deep throating. He wipes a clear tear off his cheek. The newbie gets a well earned break as Johnny returns the favor. The moment some soft lips get on his tool, Lucas' eyes roll back. His hands immediately push the back of Johnny's head so he can swallow more. Unlike the newbie, Johnny doesn't complain about "throwing up." LOL! He takes what dick he can and comes up for air!

The time arrives for Lucas to show what he's made of. He puts some lube in his virgin hole and puts those fine legs in the air. Johnny slathers up his tube steak and puts it all in. Sans condom.

"Oh, fuck," Lucas groans.

Johnny doesn't give his bottom a chance to get used to anything. He just starts fucking, balls deep. Lucas is breathing loudly and saying "fuck" repeatedly. But his dick is rock hard. Must be feeling something good.

Johnny gets on his back and permits Lucas to ride. Well, that's not really true. Our top stud pumps into that booty, and Lucas cries like a virgin.

"I don't know if I can take it much longer," he whimpers.

His cock isn't so sure. Johnny plants sweet kisses on Lucas' lips.

"Oh, fuck," Lucas meows as he gets long stroked.

He returns to his back, and Johnny refills that ass. Lucas cries out and his eyes roll back. His special spot is being tenderized tonight.

"Oh, fuck me," Lucas squeals.

Never say that to a horned up top unless you can handle it! Johnny keeps drilling for new ass, giving his bottom the occasional kiss. Lucas yells, curses, and howls. His backside is treated like the wet pussy it is. Johnny makes it even moister by depositing his seed into it. When he pulls out, some the nectar lines the opening of the hole. Johnny offers another kiss for taking his load. Lucas jerks himself as he smooches back.

Soon enough Lucas cums, after some prolonged tongue dancing. When asked how it went, Lucas says this:

"On the physical side I kind of liked it. I don't know."
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