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Leandro - Waiter:

Leandro is a confident sexy straight man who wants to earn some extra cash to fund his studies. His game plan was to come in and impress me with his contacts and the wild home movies he’s made with his girlfriend. Instead he gets put in his place and taught how to show off his athletic body and tight arsehole to me. In the audition room young men who are normally in control learn that to make it in this business they need to follow the strict instructions of the director. When things heat up on set and we’re close to the cum shot we don’t have time to explain everything to the models five times. The men must instantly obey.

It’s difficult for Leandro coming to a new country with only a fairly basic understanding of the language. It makes it worse that the sorts of words getting used in the audition room aren’t words that get used in the kind of polite conversation he has in his classroom. He’ll be difficult to cast given his strict limits about sexual contact with men, receiving anything up his arse and not understanding direction.

One advantage of Leandro having to concentrate so hard on understanding what I’m asking is that he doesn’t have time to stop and consider what’s being asked of him. This proud hetero would normally be really hesitant to bend over and spread his arse cheeks, but here he automatically does it because he’s desperate to both impress me and follow what I’m saying.

One things for certain, Leandro is very adept at jerking off. His balls are so full of spunk that he takes a lot of pleasure getting an erection and stroking himself to ejaculation while showing off his fit young naked body. Once this hot guy understands what he has to do he’s certainly good at obeying.

Marco - Construction:

Marco expects to be idolized and worshiped, sipping champagne and riding in a limo with a throng of bitches within a week of becoming a porn star. His massively inflated ego won’t be satisfied by the treatment he receives in the audition room. He’s just another stud in the herd to be stripped, inspected and tossed aside. He has a large, muscular and manly body which is impressive and hot to survey in close proximity. And don’t miss his big cock spilling bucket loads of fresh straight spunk.

Marco thinks if he displays how supremely confident he is I will be begging him to star in our big budget porn videos. Instinctually I want to bring his ego down a few notches and make him understand he doesn’t deserve all the money and girls he desires just because of his looks. I do this by putting him through the painfully intimate inspection process next.

He looks calm and claims he has no qualms about showing it all, but you can see when he’s displaying his dick how much his hands are trembling. In the hot spotlight with the camera focused on the most intimate parts of his body this stud feels the pressure. Good thing his finely trained body holds up to such rigorous inspection.

Listen to how those big full balls slap against the leather of his seat. This massive guy is nothing more than a nasty sexual animal. And I make him perform on command!

Najafnejad - Internet Designer:

Straight men like this one are shockingly hypocritical. He's pissed off he can't find a woman who'll let him fuck her up the ass, but he won't even allow a woman to put her tiny finger up his own ass. It thrilled me making him kneel down on the table like a horny bitch with his bare ass in the air after he told me that. Be sure to look at the close ups of his tight virgin hole which he was so resistant to show me.

I always know I'm dealing with a difficult one when I ask about what he DOES like to do sexually and he answers that he DOESN'T like gay sex. To me, this instantly makes me want to get him naked and make him submit.

Listen to how he complains about having to take all his clothes off - like he believes he's come for a job at a bank. I want to see if he's really got what it takes. Not only that, I want to see his stupid face flat against the table while his ass is pointed straight up in the air with his hole on show!

I'm sure you'll be able to tell how much I was loving crawling around filming him while he jerked off. He looked quite pissed off with the whole scenario since the only reason he came here was to screw women. Instead he gets to jerks that fat cock of his to climax while I'm crouched right underneath him!

Neo - Estate Agent:

Meaty macho hetero Neo comes swaggering into my audition room like he owns the place. He arrogantly believes that because he is doing this for pleasure rather than money, he can dictate what he wants to do in porn videos - only showing certain parts of his body and doing the action he wants. This is a job and he's here to impress and turn me on. I explain to him that he has to show me everything and follow my every direction or he'll be tossed back out onto the street.

Neo gets a real perverted sneer on his face when talking about his past sexual experiences. He wants to take things further by making porn so he can brag about the erotic adventures he's had. I've seen cocky men like this crumble on set when it's time to prove what he's really made of so I was eager to see how he held up in the physical.

I make him pose and display his large weighty cock for a long time to see how well this proud ladies' man can take orders. It's a turn on making this man who usually calls the shots bend over and work to satisfy me. He was a little nervous being naked in the spotlight and he looked relieved when it was over.

Neo spends a long time whacking his dick while I manoeuvre around him capturing his naked body from all angles. Being fully exposed and pleasuring himself in front of another man is a challenge, but he successfully pounds that big juicy cock till his spunk is spilling out everywhere.

Rahim - Martial Arts Specialist:

This is one of the hottest auditions I’ve given in a long time. If you like straight men who are as stupid as they are muscular and sexy, Rahim is for you. The language barrier isn’t the reason for his total lack of understanding. Any language, indeed any words longer than four letters seem to utterly confuse this moron. He’s straight through and through, wants to make loads of money and has never ever done anything like this before. And he has a full curvaceous ass with a perfect tight pink hole which I’d like to spend the rest of my life fingering, licking and fucking.

I think Rahim must spend half his life walking around with his brow furrowed in complete confusion. I don’t know how he makes it through the day. Luckily he seriously believes I’m only here to get him lots of sex with girls and pay him bucket loads.

This is one of the horniest physical exams I’ve ever done. Stunning body and an amazing ass! Better yet, he’s incredibly reluctant to show his hole. But he’s so thick in the head he can’t figure out why I or anyone else would want to look at it. Absolute perfection.

I was mesmerized by this guy’s ass as you can tell by the way I nose around the back while he’s trying to check out the girlie magazines. It’s impressive that he manages to still look utterly clueless while jerking off, as if he has no idea how he got here or why he’s doing this. Believe me, it was fucking amazing kneeling beneath him as he showered me with his cum. I had to resist really hard from going in and sucking that big sticky knob of his clean.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

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