♺ Military Classified ABEL Marines (aka Diego)

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Military Classified ABEL Marines (aka Diego)
21 / 5'8" / 150

Today I'm introducing a new recruit named Abel and this boy is a straight up horny Marine from Camp Pendleton who LOVES girls with nice big asses. He will even take little boobs just as long as they have a nice big ass! Abel loves to talk about his boys and the sexual escapades they get into and has lots of stories that he shared with me. Today I've convinced Abel to let me suck his dick for the proper compensation of course. He's like most Marines, they can't seem to get enough.. from anywhere or anyone apparently!     
    Abel lost his virginity when he was 14 years old to an older girl (17) and was grinning ear to ear when he talked about the experience which set the mood for our shoot today. Once we got past the talking, I asked him to take his clothes off and Abel revealed a nice tight and ripped body attached to a nice 7 inch cock that was half hard so I knew he was ready for some action. 
With a cigarette in his hand, Abel began stroking his already hard dick and that's when I stepped in and took over. I began by licking his nice sack up and down changing the mood of the room instantly. Abel kept his eyes on the porn and soon I began sucking his balls putting them both in my mouth making him moan at how good it felt.     
    I moved my way up his shaft and began taking his cock down my throat little bit little. Abel was surprised to see how wonderful it was to have a talented mouth on his cock for a change. I went up and down on his hard dick and Abel began to push his hips into my mouth starting to drive his dick as though he was fucking a pussy even going so far as to say "suck it like you own it" and "you're actually better than my girlfriend". 
I stood him up in a parade rest position and continued bobbing on his cock. I made him take the back of my head and drive his dick down my throat which he did with ease and definitely like a pro. Soon he couldn't hold back and warned me that he was close so I sat him back down and finished this bj giving Abel one of the best orgasms he's ever had to date. He shot everywhere and let out a moan that confirmed just how much he loved getting head. 

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