Loud Mouthed Homophobe - Parts 3 & 4

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DescriptionLoud Mouthed Homophobe - Part 3

His suit hangs from his body like rags as the masked man approaches
the poor young executive.  After ripping the remaining fragments from
his back he uses a small flogger to whip his muscular back.  The young
man grunts in pain with every blow but the man shows no mercy. 
The man uses another, larger flogger and a whip to continue
his punishment and the young man is in agony.  He would apologize
and beg for mercy if not for the gag muffling even his cries of pain.

Loud Mouthed Homophobe - Part 4

Flat on his back, legs in the air, his asshole exposed and readily
accessible, the loudmouthed junior executive fears what is coming next.
The man lubes his finger and roughly shoves it into the young man's ass.
He intends to take the homophobe's cherry.  The poor young man grunts,
whimpers and moans as the man fucks him with his finger, anal beads,
and a dildo, while he taunts him, making his say "fuck me hard" before
he stops.  The young man is defeated and humiliated when the masked
man finally leaves him with a butt plug in his ass.

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