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Horny shaggy surfer, Cody Cachet, doesn’t even bother starting with his shirt on. He knows it will be off soon enough. He makes out hard with hairy tatted rocker, Tristan Mathews, while his hand goes down his own pants. Barely a minute goes by when Tristan needs to get out of his constricting pants. He eagerly pulls them down and his jeans barely hit the floor before Cody has his big pouty lips wrapped around the hairy thing dangling between Tristan’s legs. He sucks hard, getting Tristan to full mast and damn near ready to blow when he decides to unleash his own big beast. When the pants and underwear come off, Cody shows us all what he’s packin’.

Out pops a big thick pierced dick. It’s not quite hard yet but you can see by the way it lays on his leg that it’s heavy and it’s gonna be big. Tristan can’t help be get down there and suck it. He takes the shaft in and out and carefully slurps and sucks and tugs at Cody’s big full sack. When Tristan gets Cody to his full 9 inches, the hairy rocker turns submissive and rolls over on his back, spreads his asshole and puts his legs in the air. He’s ready for some dick up his ass and he’s not very patient about it.

Cody slips his full 9 inches inside Tristan and starts getting rough. He pumps the hairy hole in front of him with no mercy. In and out, over and over, he plows away making Tristan grunt and groan. Cody wants more dick in his mouth so they flip over and Cody goes back down on Tristan. Cody asks if he’s doing it right and Tristan responds by telling the surfer that he’ll show him how to suck a proper dick. With that, Tristan bends over and sucks his own cock. They take turns working Tristan’s dick with their tongues and mouths. They make out around Tristan’s pole, slurping and sucking. Cody tries to get his own 9 inches in his mouth but he’s just a millimeter away and can’t quite make it. Tristan helps him out again with a quick suck before they beat off together, stiff cocks in hands. Cody’s balls flop up and down as Tristan works the big thick shaft.

Cody is the first to blow. Tristan gets his face down in Cody’s crotch and takes the full milky load on his face and in his mouth. Cody moans as it spills out all over Tristan. Tristan bends over and sucks his own cock one last time and shoots his hot jizz in his own mouth. Cody is quick to go in for the clean up and uses his tongue to wipe up any spillage that missed Tristan’s mouth and feeds it back to Tristan with a hot cum filled kiss.
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