[18 Today] Chicken Patrol 2

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A Brazilian movie from 18 Today Productions, Chicken Patrol 2 focuses on guys who have come into sexual (and legal) maturity only recently.

We join our boys at what looks like a Swiss academy where they do half-hearted jumping jacks and pushups, in khaki shorts and sexy black knee socks, before getting underway with activities that are more likely to lead to sex.

Putting on their scout uniforms, two of the boys go for a short hike by a stream. I'm sure you know what that means — in porn parlance, Boy Scout unforms plus boys plus stream equals... well, let's just say one guy has to take a piss and when he's done, the two of them end up making out by babbling brook. One rather aggressive — by boi porn standards — blowjob later, and the two are fucking midstream. Against all advice, they change horses, so to speak, switching up the butt-pounding before having a mutual jerkoff to end it all. Very hot! The camera man has my everlasting envy.

One thing that pleases me about Chicken Patrol 2 is that any guttural, incomprehensible foreign dialogue is kept to a minimum, unlike in some of those Eastern European movies. The next scene opens directly with a very handsome, smooth boy grinning salaciously at the camera from his seat in a plastic lawn chair before pulling off his scout uniform. Out flops a very sizable dick. Wow, I see the reason for the salacious grin. And you can, too!

After big-dick boy jacks off, the next scene has two also big-dicked, muscular young men making out on an outdoor patio, when they are observed by a slighter youth. Naturally they overpower him and force him to give them both blowjobs. That's what I love about the movies — you can always count on a happy ending! (And as a related aside — where do they find these guys? Damn...! Either Brazilian boys are desperate for money, or American casting directors just aren't looking in the right places. Like maybe Brazil?)

After the two guys double-fuck the poor unsuspecting twink, I just about lost my load without touching myself. I think I've seen enough of this movie: Chicken Partol 2 cums highly recommended!

Starring: Paulo, Marcos, Rafael, Renato, Jean, Fernando, Alemao.
2010-08-11 14:23:48
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