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♺ Oh Man! Studios - Leather Training Center 2 (mpg)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-08-22 |
Starring: Luke Savage, Damian Ford, Steve Shannon, Tom Southern, Chase Allen, Troy Steele, Mike Vista, Rick Brock, Angel, Rank Hawlke

  Great dirty talk, bushels of action, and fun-lovin’ degeneracy pepper this super-slick leather entry.

  "This is a full-service pain and slave center. We have every fuckin’ slave you can possibly imagine..." So promises the staffer of the Leather Training Center as Sharon Kane’s music kicks in (what a bizarre career that lady lives) and over the next 80 minutes, we discover he was a truthful soul. Welcome to the center, where anything goes ("but no fuckin’ credit cards").
Our first applicant enters, whipping out a built, hairy, butch, mature body, and a huge set of balls. A furious, steam train of a blowjob follows as the center employee moans and groans in merriment, shooting a load before you know it.

"Your mouth is unbelievable, boy!" he yells as the man licks up his liquid reward. Elsewhere in the compound, a smooth slave gets riding-cropped into red-assedness, babbling happy pleas of restraint/no restraint all the while. This ain’t no little boy show - most of these guys are men (not twinks) and their endless activities range from blowjobs to restrainings to tit torture to fucking to jamming burning candles and cigars up asses (not the burning end, though, you fuckin’ hardcore freaks).

Daddyman from the first scene returns for many more mouth-smackin’ cumsucks (yes, he literally smacks and slurps as he swallows loads, and when he "shoots" himself, starts screaming like Ah-nold Schwarzenegger does in Total Recall.) A hysterical, abusive blowjob is but one highlight ("Suck that cock like you mean it! Take your daddy!" the suckee roughly demands while his sucker audibly gags,) which leads to a rock and rollin’ sling fuck and impossibly huge dildo jamming (I’m very serious).

There’s even more-more-more that follows.
One of the most enjoyable - and hot - fetish videos I’ve seen this year,
you better get this tape fast, boys...and we still take fuckin’ credit cards!

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