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Private Bouts Wrestling Collection

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description_Private Bout 10-Dakota vs Shane Michaels-14_22
_Private Bout 12-15-Matt Carlton vs Butch Graham-37_42
_Private Bouts 23-26-m1-Kid Leopard vs DaveyO Part1-30_10
_Private Bouts 23-26-m1-Kid Leopard vs DaveyO Part2-2_51
_Private Bouts 27-31-m3-California Ripper vs Brian Baxter-22_24
_Private Bouts 32-36-Brian Baxter vs. Scott Rogers -16_53
_Private Bouts 37-41-m6-Thom Katt vs Tommy Lopez-49_43
_Private Bouts 73-76 (Johnny Dean vs. Tony Shaw, Doug Warren vs. Matt Carlton, Chuck Collins vs. Keith Sullivan, Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Billyboy)-2_01_43
_Private Bouts 121-122-Doug Warren vs Erikson & Bass Wallace vs Chip Slater-55_18
_Private Bouts 123 & 124 - Rick Ferris vs. Andy Bailey & Taz Action vs. Kid Leopard-1_05_06
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