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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-10-04 |
released 2007 length 110 min
director Gino Colbert
Damon Phoenix
Eric Hung
Jason Crew
Kevin Armstrong (00s)
Nick Capra
Robert Van Damme
Ryan Block
1. Eric Hung OrgAbRgr, Robert Van Damme OgrAtRrg
In the first scene, Eric appears as a sexy and horny guy seeking a personal trainer. Surfing the internet, he hits on the website of hot porn superstar Robert Van Damme and decides to call him. Van Damme (who really does work as a personal trainer and nutritionist in his non-porn life) is intrigued by this potential new client whose name is "Hung" and agrees to go to Eric’s place for their first session later that day. The idea of actually meeting Van Damme excites Eric so much that he begins a "quasi-solo" jack off scene that is both sensual and erotic. As Eric is caressing his firm, defined body and stroking his large thick cock, a mysterious pair of hands begins to massage him and bring him to climax.
Van Damme then arrives at Eric’s apartment to begin the training session. After some push ups done together, Van Damme – curious to see what’s given Eric his nickname – suggests that they shed their clothes to continue the workout. Amazed and turned on by Eric’s famous thick cock, Van Dame drops to his knees to begin worshipping it. Sucking Eric’s enormous dick eventually leads to an incredibly hot scene filled with mutual oral sex, Van Damme’s intense rimming of Eric’s butt hole, and his deep plowing of this Asian sex machine. After they both have great orgasms, Van Damme suggests Eric try further workouts at the gym he uses.

2. Nick Capra OgrAtRrg, Eric Hung OrgAbRgr
Later that day, Eric is helping out one of his friends, filling in as a delivery boy for Chinese take-out food. His first delivery customer turns out to be the super sexy Nick Capra. He has just come to town and is suddenly super horny. He’s never been fucked before and wants to try it, so he decides to order Chinese take-out in hopes that the delivery boy will deliver more than food. Well, he gets more than he ordered with Eric. When Capra pulls out his hard cock and offers it to Eric as a tip, Eric just smiles and tells Capra that he has an even bigger tip for him. When Nick discovers what Eric means, the fun begins. Nick ends up rimming and fucking his new friend every way possible. It doesn’t end until both shoot incredible loads. Oh, Nick never does get fucked himself. I guess it seemed like a good horny idea at the time.

3. Eric Hung OrgAtMr, Ryan Block, Jason Crew OgrAb, Damon Phoenix OgAb, Kevin Armstrong (00s) OgrAbMg
In the final scene, Eric shows up at the boxing gym Van Damme recommended. The trainer (played in a cameo role by veteran porn star Ryan Block) tells him that he has the potential for great success as a boxer but first he needs to learn discipline and endurance. Block then motions for three boxers (Jason Crew, Kevin Armstrong, and Damon Phoenix) to pleasure Hung to orgasm and see how long he can take it! The three tie Eric with rope to the side of the boxing ring and begin to play his body in every way imaginable. They each take turns jerking him off, sucking on his dick, and pulling his impressive foreskin over its huge head while simultaneously kissing him, licking his nipples and balls. Finally, each of them sits several times on his rock hard cock. He fucks them all in every direction possible through never using his still bound hands. It’s an exhausting four-way orgy that ends with each of the guys shooting his built up load.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; M=Mutual j/o; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
reviews From ManNet

Gino Colbert favorite Eric Hung romps through all four scenes in "Hungry4Sex2," which is more a Valentine to him than anything else. The scenes aren't connected and all are directed so that Eric is the centerpiece player, even when he's not the most active or most involving of the performers in the scene. But, the guy has a thick big-headed cock that doesn't quit and that's not at all difficult to watch four times.
In the first scene, Asian hottie Eric, looking deliciously buffer, gets instantly hard signing onto Robert Van Damme's website. Hard and stroking, Eric calls Robert and wants to hire him as a personal trainer. Robert agrees to meet him that day at "6969 W. 69th Street, Apartment 69." Eric and his uncut cock aren't about to wait that long, so, in bed, Eric starts fondling himself until his dark cock pushes right out of his undies. Eric shows off his ass and even gets a bit of a massage from an unseen handler before the clockwork begins. It's his fantasy, so sometimes he strokes and sometimes it's this unseen man, but the quick result is a gem of a cum-shot.
Robert, looking like the most muscular man in Pornoland, arrives at Eric's, shirt unbuttoned and ready to show off. Robert, dwarfing Eric, takes him through a series of push-ups and then they convince themselves to take off their pants. Some goofy dialogue gets Robert finally working on Eric's cock, which he amazingly deep-throats right off the bat. It's no small pecker, but Robert is a pro, and his energy livens up even sleepy Eric. Robert tears through an ideal blowjob, spending as much time at Eric's pubes as possible and using a heck of a lot of saliva to manage it. Eric sucks Robert briefly before Robert returns to re-sizzle the scene with a second blowjob. Eric approaches Robert's oomph when he rims Robert's gargantuan muscular ass, doing so with a peppy darting tongue. Robert does a spit-and-chase rimjob on moaning Eric that is very strong and then finally fucks Eric. The confident he-man top looks grand working through Eric's tight hole. He has to stay buried most of the time, but he's a performer who knows how to manage that. Robert manages to make the fuck look epic, even though it's clearly average. It also goes on way too long, but finally ends with Robert pulling out to cum right on Eric's cock. Eric then blasts to Robert's neck and chest.
Eric then goes off to sub for a friend as a Chinese food delivery boy (I get a lot of Chinese food delivery, and I can honestly say no one looking remotely like glamorous handsome Eric has ever been on the other side of the door). Tall dark Nick Capra is the customer and when Eric shows up (in a delivery hat that hasn't been used since 1952) and tells Nick the total is $10.69, Nick decides the 69 part is better handled without change. Out comes his large dick and Eric tells an interested Nick that his cock is even bigger. "Are you sure you're really Asian?" Nick asks in astonishment, using yet another picket-worthy stereotype as the music swells (Mandolin strings with a thumping background beat, natch). When all the dialogue thankfully ceases, frisky Nicky blows Eric's dick, another avid deep-throater, but loud and wonderfully sloppy about it. He drips spit all over Eric's dick and gobbles it all back up. Eric manages most of Nick's tough cock, working the hardest orally that he does in this movie. Nick gets his hairy ass eaten by Eric's flapping tongue with such vocal delight from Nick that there is no need for music. The promised 69 arrives, with Nick sucking, rimming and fingering. Nick is intense, but the editing doesn't give any back-and-forth, so we don't get to see much of what Eric is doing. Eric is still in bottom-boy mode, and Nick is always a willing top. Eric's ass is much more welcoming in this scene, so Nick can be more playful and spirited, with a truly powerful fuck. Nick loves to use every one of his many inches, and he rams at Eric with no apology. Notable here is a sideways fuck that has Nick just as strong as the other positions. While fucking Eric, Nick jacks off his bottom to his third giant load and then lets loose with his own cum. In a loony coda, Nick tells Eric he ordered the food, hoping to get fucked for the first time since he's heard Asians have small dicks. Eric chirps that he's too big for most guys, so he usually has to bottom anyway.
Robert had recommended Eric take boxing classes, so he does, which leads us into the film's fourgy finale. Ryan Block is his boxing coach, and the first to notice the boner tenting his shorts. Before Robert leaves, he tells three other boxers they can have their way with Eric, so blond Kevin Armstrong, bony Jason Crew and fluffy-assed pro Damon Phoenix literally tie him to the ropes and get to work on him. Damon sucks him first, doing awesome head-spinning work until Jason arrives to share with him. Jason wants some of Damon's ferocious mouth, so Damon sucks them together, which is quite an achievement. Kevin joins the party at Eric's cock, and this oral section is one of the highlights of the movie. Not to take anything away from Eric as a sex object, he's simply not a "wow" performer, so having him tied to the ropes while three zesty sex bunnies control the scene is a great idea. It doesn't mean he can't participate (the guys are willing to stand on high to get blowjobs from him), but the other guys are the forceful ones, and they worship Eric as a trio like he deserves. Also great here is that all four suck and get sucked, with fleet position changes a welcome addition. Eric, still tied up, but given a bench, is fingered before Jason fits him with a condom and sits on him. Jason then scoots down Eric's eye-popping dick and rides beautifully, followed quickly by Kevin and then Damon. Eric has a dick meant to top, and the boys are as mad for it as they were sucking it. Each guy gets to ride backwards and forwards, and all three are excellent. My personal favorite is Damon (who looks like the kind of guy who fucks like a champ for hours and then would be so great to cuddle with afterwards), but Jason and Kevin are fantastic as well. Eric, mind you, is still tied up when Damon gets him to cum, teasing his sensitive prick before everyone else unloads.
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