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DescriptionDeviantOtter.com - Fuck My Boy Hole
Leon Fox is such a babe. He’s got such a handsome mug and a killer otter bod. All of his boy parts are spectacular and he has such an amazing sense of humor which just turns me on even more. Sorry about our marked up asses, we were at a spanking party the night before and Leon likes to go rough so we left with a few battle wounds. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve met such a hungry bottom. The entire weekend he was in town I couldn’t keep him off my dick, not that I’m complaining, but that boy and his parts fucking exhausted my cock so good. He makes me strive to be a better bottom.
DeviantOtter.com - Fun With A Bearded Boy
Oh abeardedboy, how much I love his piggy slutty self, a true man after my heart. I first had the pleasure of making his acquaintance when I went to Montreal with some buddies for 2013 New Years. I had been a huge fan of his tumblr for a while and was shocked that he actually responded to my message. Next thing you know I'm at his bar and he takes me down to his office and he's giving me some of the best dome of my life. A year almost passes by and I had enough funds to go back to Montreal so I asked him  if he would be down to do a video and he said yes! After months and months of waiting I finally knew what felt like to use his hole and have an all night fuck session, it was AMAZING
DeviantOtter.com - Hooker Boot Camp
I've know my buddy Dom for a few years now. We first met on a shoot for OTH. He had never been with a guy before but he wanted to make some quick cash so his buddy brought him to the shoot. We hit it off and stayed in touch. What first turned me on about this kid is that he's a kinky straight dude. Slightly bi curious, but what I think is even sexier is that he likes his wife to fuck him up the ass with a strap-on, so he's definitely open minded. I couldn't get him to let me fuck his holes but I told him if he did a vid I'd give him some practice fooling around and fucking dudes since he wants to be an escort. Even though my dick never gets all the way in his mouth or that my cock never slides all the way into his hole - there's just something really hot about the tease and anticipation that he might let me in. And of course I let him pound out my hole for a bit. Hopefully you guys enjoy him as much as I did!
DeviantOtter.com - Human Urinal Cum Dumpster
I filmed this scene back in January when I was at MAL with my boyfriend. Prior to arriving this cute 18 year old fan had reached out to me on Tumblr and said he was going to MAL and was down to do a video. Normally I'm not into guys much younger than me, but he had a handsome face, a fat uncut cock, and claimed to be a cum slut so I was down. After having a few drinks I gave my boyfriend the camera and started going to town. I wasn't intending on having this be a threeway, but when my boyfriend sees a big uncut cock he can't really help himself so I let him jump in on some of the fun. After a couple of hours we collectively pumped and dumped 5 loads into this kid. Some dudes are cum hungry, but this kid was cum starving. At the end of the weekend I asked how many loads he had taken and his response was, "not sure, but I think I got fucked by at least 15 dudes." So glad that I had him first!
DeviantOtter.com - Otter Pigs
What to say about Max Cameron? Besides the fact that he is one of the hottest, tatted, woofy, otters I know, he is one of the sweetest, most grounded guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in the adult industry. Not to mention that he¹s a total pig after my own heart! I'd been jerking off to his porn for a long time and was over the moon when he told me he would be down to do some fuck vids for my site. From the second we met face to face there was totally instant chemistry between us, I couldn't wait to get his pants off and go to town. Now, I appreciate a man who can take a rough dicking, but a man who is verbal while taking that rough dicking is king in my book. Besides the welcomed grunting and groaning, some of my favorites were, "This ass is yours", "I want to look at you while you fuck me," and when I asked him where he wanted me to bust my load his response was, "If it were up to me there would not be a drop spilled." And he wasn't referring to his mouth which means you know I had to nut up his guts. If I wasn't pleased with myself enough already, watching him squeeze my creamy load out his used hole and lick it up, completely blew my mind. Such a piggy otter!! He is amazing
DeviantOtter.com - Something Sensual
This was a really interesting hookup and just a wicked intense experience for me. I had originally found this guy back when Vine allowed adult content. I was obsessed with his edgy look and a dick so big he could suck it. I would bust countless loads to his smutty 6 seconds post so I finally had to reach out and arrange a meeting. We had intended on doing a vid together almost a year ago in Chicago, but at the last minute his asshole boyfriend started causing all this drama so it wasn't going to happen. I'll spare you the details, I just don't have any patience for drama or bullshit so I told him if things change to hit me up. Fast forward a year and he reaches out and tells me that he's free from his ex and that he's down to do a vid. So he flies to Boston and I use his ass and cock all weekend with a few other buddies who were in town, but we never got the chance to hookup on cam with just us two. I was so fucking exhausted and drained (literally) by the end of the weekend, but I still really wanted a one on one with him so he helped me relax me by giving him massage. After feeling a little refreshed we took a quick golden shower and then built a fort. Why? I don't know. We just did. I was running on zero sleep. But something magical happened for me in front of the fort that night. I haven't had such a sensual, tender, lay like that since I was a teenager. I couldn't stop kissing him! We grinded our naked bodies against each other, appreciating the firm but careful touch of another man, tasting ourselves on the others' lips. Then we gave ourselves to each other. Savoring every moment of the sensation of his warm hole wrapped tightly around my throbbing dick, to then feeling his thick cock's every move deep inside me with every thrust and recession, was almost like an out of body experience. I'm not sure whether it was the exhaustion, years of anticipation, or that Michael just has all the right equipment and knows how to use it, but DAMN was my mind blown. Thanks for turning me into a puddle buddy!
DeviantOtter.com - A Breeded Boy
It's no secret that me and abeardedboy have shared a special bond and insane chemistry since the day we met just over two years ago. As of late I've been going up to Toronto, abeardedboy's home base, to help cohost a raging sex party that we started called NoRecip. Every time I've gone up there to help with the party we¹ve wanted to make a vid for you guys, but unfortunately we've been too trashed or too exhausted to film our sexcapades. This time however, I decided its about time the world got to see our smutty sex again, so an hour before going to the airport I powered up my camera and woke his hungry ass up in the nicest way possible for an appropriate farewell. Up until this fuck we've always used condoms because he's positive/undetectable and I'm negative. However, thanks to the advancements in medical science, I have been on PrEP for almost a year now so I was finally able to fuck his ass deep and raw. I'm sure I will get some flack for this, but I don't believe in safe sex, even condoms are not 100% effective against STDS, I believe in smart sex. PrEP allows me to experience sex with undetectable guys that I would never have been able to before with an incredibly low risk. I understand there are still studies being done on side effects and I realize there are a bunch of people against PrEP, but I want great sex and condoms ruin the gruff and grit of sex for me personally. So enough of the PSA. Wicked hot video, he has the best bottom faces ever. Hope you guys enjoy watching us fuck and me breeding his meat pocket for the very first time!
DeviantOtter.com - Flip Flop Fucker
I forgot to mention that back in December I had a crazy, fantasy, slut-fuckfest weekend at a hotel downtown. There were a bunch of guys that I've wanted to bone but hadn't been able to because they live across the country, so I saved up my pennies and flew their asses to Boston. The first victim to arrive was my buddy from Seattle. Super chill dude, well traveled, smart, respectable career and a total rough pig. I decided to do something different this time around and brought in outside help for the weekend to help film, plus having 22 year old eye candy in the room filming doesn't hurt, especially when you make them take off their shirt. Unfortunately for you gentleman I can't show his adorable mug or other man parts because of HR bullshit, but he's not too shabby of a camera man for his first time. Speaking of first times, this is my first actual raw flip flop. I've fucked a guy and then had him fuck me tons of times, and I've taken turns between guys, but up until this hookup I've never experienced actual fucking, getting fucked, fucking, getting fucked, fucking, etc. - it was such an amazing sensation. There's just something so hot between taking turns and using a guy's body and then having it returned to you, knowing exactly what they were just feeling, woof. This is definitely something I need more of in my life!
DeviantOtter.com - Starfucked
So I fucking love Twitter.  Its basically the best tool to sexually harass pornstars and woofy guys publicly. I kinda hated using it at first because I didn’t understand it, but it was an awesome way to connect with men who I have crushes on and fantasized about. For about a year now the ever so sexy Max Cameron and I have been chatting back and forth and we finally found some time for him to get his sweet sweet ass to Boston to make some raw fuck vids. Turned out that Max and I have a mutual friend in the Boston area and his name is Bravo Delta. We all went out to the bars and I mentioned to Bravo we should do a threeway with Max. Apparently those two have wanted to fuck for a while so it was a sealed deal. Next day Bravo came to the hotel room and was destroying our holes. This fuck session was so fucking hot and fun, I’ve never flip flopped so much in a threesome and it was awesome. I love these guys!
DeviantOtter.com - 2 Guys 1 Candy Cane

'Twas the week before Christmas and no one was home,
I was horny like always so I picked up the phone.
I called up my buddy and told him come to my place,
if he had a desire to sit on my face. He said he would love to and was fast on his way,
so I broke out the the lube and got ready to play.
We had a few beers and laid under the tree,
and pulled out a candy cane sweet as can be.
I licked and I teased and I prodded his hole,
but the treat proved too sticky and started taking it's toll.
"It hurts and it burns and it's tugging my hair!"
so he tossed it aside and threw his legs in the air.
I slammed him and pounded him all through the night,
until his ass was spent and no longer tight.
I pumped and dumped loads of spirit in this dude,
so I hope this helps get you in the holiday mood!
DeviantOtter.com - Monster Cock
I've been trying to get this guy on camera for months because he has one the biggest cocks I've ever seen on a white dude. We met at a Manhunt pool party back in the summer, I'm pretty sure it was the same one that Jizz Filled Cum Whore was at. Anyway, me and my boyfriend were automatically dicknotized when he whipped out his dick so we had some fun but didn't go all the way. I kept pressing the guy about doing a vid with me for months, especially since he loves showing off his cock so much. It wasn't until running into him a few weeks ago at the local bar that he said he would do a video if we left then and there. I was a little drunk but I wasn't going to say no. Not really sure what changed his mind and don't really care, I finally have documentation of me servicing one of the biggest, meatiest, monster cocks of my life.
DeviantOtter.com - All Bottom Swagger
I met this fine ass dude about a month ago when I was having drinks with some buddies at one of our regular hangouts. I was eye fucking this dude hard from across the bar all night. He just had this swagger and confidence about him that kept drawing me in. I knew his buddy that he was there with, so I tried to get some intel out of him, but he told me the guy was straight. After enough beers I figured I would take my chances and chat this guy up anyway. Turns out that he was into dudes. I jokingly proposed to this guy that he should drill my ass and let me film it because I didn't think I had a chance anyway, but to my surprise he actually said he was down! We exchanged contacts and decided to get together that weekend. Then Saturday morning, the day he was supposed to come to town, I get at text from him saying, "I don't think this is gonna work. To be honest I'm really not into topping that much." I had just assumed he was a top because he had a big dick and was a tall cocky fucker.  I told him I would gladly pound out his hole and after sending other raunchy texts about what I wanted to do to his hole he was back on board and on his way into the city for a long afternoon fuck session. There's a lesson here folks, assumptions can be the biggest cock blocks. 
DeviantOtter.com - Bearded Bro Breeding
I fucking love this dude. I'm pretty sure that we're brothers and our parents just aren't telling us we have a long lost sibling. Physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, etc. we are so friggin similar, its bizarre, and kind of hot in a taboo way. We've chatted back and forth for at least a year and never met up, but recently he moved to Boston so we started messaging each other again. I had been trying to get him to meet up and let me film us fucking for weeks but he was sweating having a vid of him on the internet. It wasn't until he was out on a date with one of my best friends, which I had no clue about, that he finally decided that he was down to film. Apparently my buddy was randomly showing his date my site (because my friends are the best pimps like that) and this guy was like, "Holy shit, he's been asking me to film a vid with him," my buddies response, " He's my best friend, you NEED to do it!" So a couple days later me and this ginger stud finally met up at bar and I pumped him full of liquid courage...aka Fireball. We started to get a little frisky after a few shots; made out in any and every corner, groped our cocks under our jeans at the bar, and he drank my piss in the bathroom stall, you know, the usual stuff when you first meet someone. Things started to escalate so we decided to bounce. Got into my jeep, took off our shirts, pulled down our pants and took off towards my place. I might have taken the long way home because the road head was just that good. After we got back to my apartment and took a golden shower I realized that my roommate and his boyfriend were home, so me being the good roommate that I am, banged out this scruffy ginger in the kitchen across from his room. Sadly they never came out of the bedroom, but I know they were listening the entire time which made fucking this guy even hotter
DeviantOtter.com - Raw Otter Romp
My balls had been aching to drain a load in this hot otter again since the first time we fucked in Key West last year (side note - some dude punched me in the nuts to hard the night before and gave me a real serious case of blue balls, so thats why my nuts look like Easter eggs). This stud is actually the first person I filmed a sex tape with for the site. No shocker here, but for the first vid we were both really wasted, it was dark, and the camera work was rough because it was my first time trying to record a full hookup session, so I've always wanted the chance to do this boy some justice and give you guys a better shot. This time it was a foolproof to capture all the action because I had my GoPro and my boyfriend was there in Key West with me, so he was able to hold the camera (and get his dick sucked, but what else is new). I can't tell you enough how friggin sexy I think this kid is, and he is just one of the most precious individuals I've ever met, not to mention his junk is perfection. I could watch this kid take dick for days, he is such a pleaser, a true example of a man who just wants to let you use his holes just to make you feel good, its such a beautiful thing. I worked his mouth, devoured his glorious fuzzy ass, and then banged him out raw until I couldn't keep my load in any longer. Usually the sequel isn't as good as the first, but thats definitely not the case with this fucker!
DeviantOtter.com - Low Hanger Bangers
I'm a sucker for a dude with a nice set of lowhanging balls. I met this kid a couple months ago when I stopped by my buddy Aiden's place to pick up some weed. We got to chatting and he asked what I did for work and I told him I started an adult vid site. I wasn't sure if he was straight or not and his response didn't really lead me to think he would ever be down to film, so I didn't bother pursuing anything further with him. But a few weeks later my buddy hit me up saying that his boy was curious and would be down fuck on cam. After a few conversations with this guy we realized that he and my boyfriend had already hooked up years ago. I mentioned this to my man and his response was, "The kid has the perfect big cock for deep throating, you would have a lot of fun with him." But he never mentioned the golden set of nuts on this dude! Well, that was just a surprise bonus when he showed up and stripped down to shower. Seeing those glorious goose eggs dangle made me immediately go clean the kitchen because I needed that sack slapping against my ass in a real bad way. I like to build anticipation so I resisted the urge and held off on him plowing me first, so after an hour of servicing each other I banged him out until I could barely keep my load in. Then I sat on his dick and worked my hole so he could bang me out in any position he wanted (if I'm going to get fucked, I want to be treated like a ragdoll). After taking his dick deep in my ass in so many different positions I was shaking and couldn't hold back any longer and busted with him pinned deep inside me. I haven't gotten turned out like that in a while, this kid definitely has some skill.
DeviantOtter.com - Poppers, Piss and Perverts
I've had a major porn crush on Bravo Delta since I started following/stalking his Vine last fall. A couple months ago I worked up the balls to finally hit him up on Twitter and to my surprise he actually responded and was into me! As fate has it he lives right outside Boston so I was able to get him to hang out one weekend on his way to a Cosplay convention (or something like that...I was kinda bummed he didn't show up in a costume haha). I was wicked excited to fuck around, I'd fantasized about that big dick so many times and I was pumped to see how he fucked in real life without all the studio bells and whistles. Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected which is always fucking awesome. I'm used to seeing him in a more "vanilla" light online so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough ass play and piss. Needless to say after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side
DeviantOtter.com - Hungry Bottom DP
I don't intend on repeating too many guys on here, but my Pup really wanted to have a threeway with Dakota after watching all the footage from the first vid. Dakota's the man. There are very few bottoms that I've met in my life who can take a dick, toy, fist, baseball bat, etc for the amount of time of this kid can so it was a great challenge for me and Pup. After a visit from Aunt Molly, pup and I fucked and DPed him every way possible we could think...And then went back for more
DeviantOtter.com - Using a Straight Guy w Roman Rivers
No one loves banging out a hot straight guy more than me haha.  This dude may look familiar to you some of you, he goes by Roman Rivers. I met him while helping out with a shoot for OnTheHunt a few years back and we've been buddies since. I find it so hot when shooting with some straight guys who do porn because they try their best to act like they're into man sex even though they are hating it more and more with every thrust of cock...There's just something really gratifying knowing that I'm the only one getting pleasure out of the situation :) My favorite part of filming with this straight dude was when he asked if he could "have some fun too" and take a turn fucking me (which I considered but declined and then told him he was gay for asking haha). At least he got a few free beers out of the deal!
DeviantOtter.com - Slam Pig Jock
Met this muscle hunk when I was in Ptown last summer with some buddies. He approached me and said he was a fan of my tumblr and would be down to do a video. If his fury jacked body wasn't enough, he showed me some vids of what he could fit in his ass and I was sold. A few weeks later he came up to Boston and my fists and dick took turns using his hole all night. I'm pretty sure he said it was the first time he'd been fisted so kudos to him...and to me ;)
DeviantOtter.com - Tatted Otter Pounding
If you can't tell already I have a major weakness for guys covered in ink. My buddy Ray had mentioned his friend Cam was looking to get into the adult industry and was interested in shooting a fuck video with me. He was only passing through town and his flight home was in a couple hours. I had people crashing at my place, but thankfully my boss is awesome and let me fuck at his place. I have no doubt this kid will go far; he's charming, free spirited, and one hell of a bottom
DeviantOtter.com - Big Dick Otter Breeding
This scene was a total fluke. I was down at the Island House in Key West for an event and met this sexy ass otter. I eye fucked him the whole weekend then finally had enough balls the last day to pursue him. It's my first "scene" so it's a little rough, but definitely lots of hot fucking, sucking, and shenanigans. We were both really tanked so my apologies for all the slurring and sloppiness, unless you're into that kind of thing :) My favorite part was when he told me to take the condom off and keep fucking him raw dog
DeviantOtter.com - Punk Ass Spunk
I've known this kid for years and we dated back when I was in college. He was always an awesome fuck and loved it rough, sometimes a little too rough haha. Finally convinced him when he got out of the slammer to let me toss him around, choke him and breed his tight punk hole on camera. Lots of rough mouth fucking and face in the pillow action in this scene. It's pretty hot how much this young guy can handle.
DeviantOtter.com - Pumpkin Violation
A few years ago I saw a porn with frat guys taking turns fucking a pumpkin and I thought it was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. I was sick on Halloween this year so I wasn't up for going out but I still wanted to have some fun so I decided to fuck a pumpkin. Strange as it may seem it felt fucking awesome; wet, tight and sticky, just how I like my bottoms. And its Eco-friendly! I would highly recommend it
DeviantOtter.com - Canadian Cum Geiser
I thought I had met this Canadian stud through Vine, but apparently I met him my first time in Montreal a couple years ago...fed him my load in a dungeon somewhere on New Years when I was blacked out haha. Either way, we stayed in touch so when I was back in Montreal we decided to meet up. The sex was really hot and he has a great big dick which was fun to suck, but the icing on the cake was the massive load he nutted all over me at the end. Seriously, the BIGGEST load I've seen in person.
DeviantOtter.com - Using A Straight Guy w Jay Rising
I met this trashy individual when I was helping shoot some scenes in Vegas and I could never stop staring at his monstrous cock. Coincidentally he only lives a state over and was looking for some "work" so I was happy to help out. Normally I don't go for gay-for-pay guys because they're usually terrible at gay sex, but after watching him fuck so many other dudes I had to know what it was like to have that large penis in all of my orifices. It's was the best feeling to know it was torture for him and pure ecstasy for me.
DeviantOtter.com - Red Neck Ass Play
Until I moved to Boston for college I've always been a country boy living in the sticks. I don't get to go back home as much now, but when I do I always go hiking out the forest behind my family's house. Last summer I thought it would be fun to stop by the local farm stand for some produce and wander into the woods with my camera. Despite the dirt (yes dirt, I keep my hole squeaky clean) in my hole and the bugs attacking me it was really hot to use all the veggies on my hole.
DeviantOtter.com - Mean Faced Fucker
For years I had an internet crush on this beautiful, tatted specimen and then one day put of nowhere the Maverick Men hit me up asking if I'd be down to do a scene with him, needless to say I pounced on that opportunity. I had such a blast getting roughed up by him the first time that I just had to get him back for a second round to let him use my hole again. Watching that mean face eat my asshole was a dream come true
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