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The team practices under the eye of the Coach , but a new player is late to practice, having been stymied by management's paperwork. Of the guys who did practice, Gabriel Prince, a stunner with amazing abs, though unfortunately wearing a crooked wig not worthy of Bette Davis in her late career period (it's rare to see wigs on porn models, so it begs the question ... WHY?), heads off for a massage where of course he complains of his inner thigh to masseur Josh Lovas, who mistakes the inner thigh for the inner ass as he fingers Gabriel's hole. Spikey-haired Josh jams a lot of fingers in there, and Gabriel is fully hard by the time they are ready for sex. So, he sucks Josh's hugeness with Josh slamming away into his face. Not stopping his hip-thrusting, Josh bends over to make it a 69 of two glorious uncut cocks. Josh's exceedingly spry grinding routine comes in handy when he fucks Gabriel, making sure he gets in and out with sprinty fastness. Gabriel rides Josh to the balls with all of the heat retained and then they use the massage table for an excellent sideways fuck. But even that's not it, for it takes a solid missionary pound to get Gabriel to cum mid-fuck. Josh barely has time to rip off his condom before he's peppering Gabriel's inner thigh with his shot...

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