Catalina - Asian Persuasion 1

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Asian Persuasion 1
distributor Catalina Video released 1998 length 75
category General Hardcore
studio Catalina Video
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
body types Asian
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director Josh Eliot
editor William Hunter
music Rock Hard
producer Josh Eliot
videography Brad Austin
writer Josh Eliot
Brad Davis Mikado
Brandon Lee
Broc Hiyashi
Hiro Sukowa
Mike Nichols
Sam Crockett
Tenji Mito
Tishiro Ho
source: promotional material
Do you need some persuading to experience a far east encounter? How about letting 8 1/2 lucious inches make up your mind? Houw about smooth, supple chested men giving you their eager, far east cocks standing firm in sweet scented nests of jet black hair. Super-hung, Catalina discovery Brandon Lee has what it takes to persuade you. Just in case you need it!
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Brandon Lee, Brad Davis Mikado
Brandon Lee and Brad Davis Mikado are lovers. Brandon is a real estate agent. This doesn't sit to well with his boyfriend, Brad. Seems as though Brad isn't too thrilled with the idea of Brandon showing empty apartments to cute guys all day long. Brandon is quick to remind Brad about his crew of pool cleaners and the things they might be doing.

2. Brandon Lee OrAt, Tenji Mito OgAb
Brandon is showing Tenji Mito around one of his available apartments. When Tenji comments on it being really big, Brandon knows he's speaking of more than the apartment. Tenji drops to his knees to service Brandon's exceptional piece. Brandon gets so worked up that he gives Tenji a ball slapping ass fuck that leaves him shooting a thick load of jizz all over him.

3. Hiro Sukowa Og, Sam Crockett Or
Brad and his pool cleaning crew have arrived at the home of Mike Nichols. Mike phones his buddy Sam Crockett to see if Brad's worker Frank (Hiro Sukowa) has arrived at his place. He's there all right, but Sam hasn't had the pool installed yet. That is O.K. with Frank, 'cause he's better at sucking cock than cleaning pools. Sam pulls out his dick and face fucks Frank until he spurts a juicy load.

4. Brad Davis Mikado Ab, Mike Nichols OgrAt, Broc Hiyashi, Tishiro Ho Ogr
Back over at the home of Mike Nichols, the crew is busy cleaning the pool, while Brad is busy giving his own brand of customer service to Mike. It isn't long until the crew, Broc Hiyashi and Tishiro Ho, hear the sounds of their boss' ecstasy as he gets a good dose of Mike's big fuck rod. Broc and Tishiro suck each other off to orgasm all the while listening to Brad and Mike going at it hot and heavy.

5. Brandon Lee OrAt, Brad Davis Mikado OgAb
After a hard day on the job, both Brandon and Brad are back home. Brad can't wait to take care of his boyfriend and Brandon is all too happy to oblige. These guys waste no time getting into some serious action right there in the kitchen! Brad deep throats Brandon's thick meat and Brandon returns the favor by stretching Brad's hole for a fuck session he won't soon forget.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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