Brodie & Brendan

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I just have to say this up front: Having Brodie back on Sean Cody is a sheer delight. He’s as congenial and smooth as he is hot.
Scene partner Brandon, appearing in only his 3rd duo scene, already feels like a Cody veteran, too, so this would seem like a good pairing.
And it totally is, of course.
Filmed all in the Cody gym, where so many key Brodie scenes occurred over the years, feels just about right. Brodie fucks him doggie first, but the real treat in Part 1 is when Brodie fucks him in the “spotter” position while Brendan lies down backwards on the bench.
This position allows Brodie to jerk Brendan off while he also fucks him, which is exactly what he does. Brodie feeds him some cum, adds his own, tastes it and then kisses Brendan, who then goes ass-to-mouth on the big guy’s spent cock.
Part 2 is missionary on the floor. Brodie really hammers Brendan here before fucking the cum out of him and pumping one out himself.
This is a solid pairing, which based on the camaraderie and at least one comment from our director, we may see again. I’m cool with that.
Behind-the-Scenes: Don’t miss the shot of Brendan’s hairy hole covered in cum at the end.
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