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Featuring Marc Dylan and Topher Di Maggio
Drill My Hole at
December 1, 2011

"Marc Dylan is obsessed with Topher Di Maggio. Marc has constantly been finding any excuse to be near Topher, even finding a reason to water Topher's plants that had just been watered. Marc wouldn't normally be acting like this but Topher is just dripping with sex causing Marc to freeze the second Topher looks in his direction. Marc has decided to follow Topher in hopes that he will work up the courage just to say hi, let alone ask him out. To Topher this obsession is getting on his nerves, he can't even look out a window without seeing Marc looking back. Topher, on his morning jog sees Marc following him, Topher snaps running after Marc demanding why Marc is following him. Topher catches up to Marc pins him against a tree, slamming Marc's head into his musty crotch screaming “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED!!!” - Marc has always wanted this...."
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