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Corbin Fisher - Nolan

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Between his gorgeous blue eyes and his strong jawline, Nolan definitely has the looks that attract attention. Then he cracks a smile and it’s hard not to immediately fall for the 19 year old.

===Nolan Nails Sophia===
I asked Nolan what his hope for his scene with Sophia was. His response was that he wanted to do whatever it takes to make sure she has a good time. He admitted to having fantasized about being with an Asian girl so we stood back and let his fantasy play out.

==Nolan & Colt's Bi Fuck==
All horned up and ready to go, Colt, Nolan, and Brooke waste no time in getting undressed and started on each other!
Brooke loves the sensation of two men to play with and the guys are love the combination of getting a choice of both a masculine hard body and a soft female one at their full disposal.  Everyone moans as they take turns with her while making out and admiring the hot man before them. Then Brooke wants to get a show and watch Nolan and Colt have sex!

==Nolan Slides into Quinn==
Quinn wants to have some fun with Nolan, and looking at how hard Nolan’s dick is- he want some of Quinn too! Quinn gets down on his knees and takes all of Nolan in his mouth while he pulls and plays with his balls. When Nolan’s cock can’t get any harder, he’s ready to fuck Quinn- but first he wants to taste his cock!
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