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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-07 |
Aggressive Master Edward orders his damaged, pathetic tutor to write an essay on the Battle of Cressy or else suffer a harsh caning. The quivering sub watches as the easily aroused, vicious top jerks on his dick before realising that he needs to piss. Where can he relieve himself? In the toilet-like mouth of peter, of course!

The Master urinates, making the sub choke on the hot liquid which he has to swallow down his worthless throat. Edward gets peter to suck his cock clean of any remaining piss dribbles and smeg from under his foreskin. It'll get it's arse belted hard if it does a shit job! By now though, this succulently thick penis has caught peter's slutty eye and the filthy-minded top knows exactly where he's going to ram it - up the feeble sub's arsehole!

He mounts the tutor and fucks him hard, pumping his dick deep into the lad's rear and making him moan. The tutor is then flipped onto his back for some serious arse-damaging until the sexual satisfaction must be sated. Into the sub's whimpering mouth Edward pumps his hot, thick spunk, being careful to get the sub to lick off every bit of the Master's sticky load.
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