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MBz - Elder Stewart, Angel, & Brother Clark - Induction

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DescriptionElder Stewart jerks off with Angel for Brother Clark, and after they cum he is anointed with both of their semen.

Elder Stewart has been called in to see Brother Clark. When the naughty missionary shows up and finds Angel is there too, he’s immediately afraid that the investigator has told his leaders about all the sex they’ve been having. But the young missionary doesn’t have a chance to ask Angel what’s going on, because they’re immediately ushered in. As the boy waits to see what Angel has to say, he silently debates whether he should deny being fucked by the handsome non-member, or admit everything and face the consequences.

Brother Clark cuts off Elder Stewart’s internal struggle when he turns to Angel and asks, “How many times did you have sex with Elder Stewart?”

Angel thinks about it for a while and lets out a big breath. “More times than I can count on my two hands.”

Brother Clark turns back to the terrified Mormon boy. “Elder Stewart,” he says, “do you know why you’re here today?”

Elder Stewart is too embarrassed to lie. With a defeated look on his face, he asks, “Am I being sent home from my mission?”

Brother Clark smiles. The boy’s submissive attitude makes him horny. “You’re not being sent home,” he says, watching the surprise register on the boy’s grateful face. “We’ve decided to give you the opportunity to be ordained to the true order of the higher priesthood.”

Elder Stewart is confused, but he’s very glad he won’t be sent home in shame. He’ll do anything to avoid having to tell his family and friends that he was sent home from his mission for breaking the law of chastity.

“Begin by removing your clothes,” says Brother Clarke. Elder Stewart looks at him in disbelief, but when he sees the older man is serious, he obeys. Brother Clark is classically handsome — dark-haired, a strong masculine jaw, and big hands. Elder Stewart wonders how big his cock is, and wonders if he’ll get the chance to stuff it up his ass. He stands up and takes off his jacket and tie while Brother Clark and Angel watch him eagerly. Brother Clark tells the boy to put his foot on his thigh and helps him take off first one shoe, then the other. He undoes the boy’s belt and unbuttons his shirt. Elder Stewart doesn’t help and doesn’t resist. Brother Clark runs a hand over his boyish body. It’s almost hard to believe the kid is 18 years old, he thinks, until he sticks a hand in his pants and feels his hefty dick.

Then Elder Stewart pulls of his pants and stands there in his body-hugging one-piece garment. Brother Clark has never seen the sacred underwear look so hot on anyone before. His fat dick is throbbing against his leg. He strokes the boy’s chest and belly, then unzips the front of the garment and opens it down to his waist. Elder Stewart looks at him, his eyes pleading for approval. The older man gets a handful of consecrated oil and rubs it on the boy’s skin. Then he pulls the garments all the way down, and the boy’s semi-hard, meaty cock flops out. At a word from Brother Clark, the missionary smiles and strokes his dick. He wants to impress his leader, and can see that standing there naked is already having a powerful effect on him. He sits down and jerks off. And Brother Clark pulls his own dick out and jerks off with the boy. Embarrassed, Elder Stewart tries not to make eye contact. He focuses on his own dick and imagines he’s jerking off by himself. He happens to look across the room, and sees that not only has Angel taken his pants off, he’s pulled his own huge cock out, too.

Elder Stewart looks away immediately. He closes his eyes for a second, then stares away from the two men. The sight of that cock, which has been buried in the boy’s ass so deep he thought it might come out his mouth, makes the boy start to jerk off hard and fast, like he’s racing for the finish line.

Brother Clark watches intently. He beats off slowly, waiting for the Mormon boy to bust a nut. He is impressed by how shameless the boy is being, and really likes his thick shaft and his giant balls. He thinks he’s a perfect candidate for the secret order of the priesthood, which stretches all the way back to the early church. Elder Stewart sits forward in his chair, every muscle tensed. He steals a look at the two men’s penises, and then quickly looks away. He wants them to take turns fucking him. The thought of those dicks thrusting up into his belly makes his balls jump, and with a start he jumps up from his seat and stands next to the desk. He can feel a giant load building up in his balls, and he wants both of them to get a good look at him while he cums. Breathing hard and slowing down, he coaxes a hot thick streams of cum out of his hard dick, dropping it right on the office desk. After he cums, he gives his dick a few more strokes while he looks to Brother Clark for approval.

Angel is getting close too, remembering how fantastic it feels to fuck the boy’s tight hole. He stands up and leans over the desk, his giant cock aching to cum. He closes his eyes and drops his load with a smile.

Brother Clark tugs on his hard dick, but he’s not going to let the boys see him cum yet. He runs a hand through Elder Stewart’s cum and then anoints his forehead. And then he takes Angel’s cum and smears it on the willing boy’s nose and lips.

Elder Stewart feels like he has taken an important step on the journey that leads from being a Mormon boy to being a Mormon man.

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