Mirage of Blaze (dubbed in English)

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DescriptionMirage of Blaze (炎の蜃気楼[ミラージュ] Honō no Mirāju) - 13 episodes of the TV anime

Takaya Ohgi, a typical high school student, wants nothing more than to protect his best friend Yuzuru Narita and live a normal life. That is, until Nobutsuna Naoe, an intense and charismatic older man, informs Takaya that he is in fact the reincarnation of Lord Kagetora, the adopted son of a noble samurai lord, Kenshin Uesugi. Naoe, himself a "possessor," or a soul reborn through time, reawakens Takaya's abilities to exorcise evil spirits and fight the Feudal Underworld, a collection of restless warrior spirits bent on modern-day conquest. While most possessors remember their former lives before being reincarnated, Takaya does not, and is often hostile towards any effort for the complete recovery of his memory. As the plot unfolds, the complex history of the characters and their past suggests why this is so, and the true nature of the tempestuous and somewhat ambiguous relationship between the two leads provides the backdrop for a melodrama that spans several generations of Japanese history. As they ascend to the living world to renew their ancient war, Naoe, Takaya, and two other possessors gear up to prevent that from happening.

Anime Episodes
1. "Ill-Fated Destiny" (炎渦の邂逅 Enka no Kaikō) - Two high school friends discover they are the reincarnation of ancient warriors who soon realize they are locked in a deadly battle with the spirit of a long-dead evil warlord.
2. "Possessor From The Darkness" (闇からの換生 Yami kara no Kanshō) - Naoe talks with Takaya about his past, the battle 400 years ago, and the awakening of Takeda Shinken.
3. "An Imperfect Awakening" (無明の覚醒 Mumyō no Kakusei) - Yuzuru goes missing after the binding bracelet Naoe gives him is removed.
4. "Premonition of a Chain Reaction" (連鎖の予感 Rensa no Yokan) - Takaya meets a strange woman while riding his motorcycle to school. Afterwards he learns he has a new classmate and best friend he has no memory of. Later Uesugi meets Takaya at his school and senses an ominous presence.
5. "Endless Conflict" (終わりなき葛藤 Owarinaki Kattō) - Spirits from Japan's Dark Ages, known as Possessors, are reappearing in modern times. Takaya has now met two others with spirit powers, Naoe and Ayoho. They insist his body is being possessed by a powerful samurai.
6. "Golden Emblem" (緋色の刻印 Hiiro no Kokuin) - Takaya's doubt meets its final test as his entire school turns into a spawning ground for the armies of the Undead.
7. "Memories of Hateful Anguish" (怨嗟の記憶 Ensa no Kioku) - For the past 2 months, Takaya and Naoe have been exorcising spirits left and right. For another lovely history lesson, Naoe takes Takaya to a special place where a war rages on.
8. "At the End of Obsession" (迷執の果て Meishū no Hate) - Takaya is forced to confront his anger and mixed emotions about himself and Naoe. He must come to grips with these emotions quickly before he injures himself or someone else maliciously.
9. "Endless Void" (果てしなき虚空 Hateshinaki Kioku) - Naoe searches for and confronts the evil beast Tsutsuga.
10. "Sorrowful Betrayal" (哀しい背信 Kanashī Haishin) - Unable to accept his alternate identity, Takaya meets with Ujiteru Hojo, Kagetora's brother, and he is forced to remember his past with Naoe.
11. "Eternal Blaze" (永遠の業火 Towa no Gouka) - The Hojo clan begins a cataclysmic plan to take over Nikko. They've kidnapped Yuzuru and plan to burn him alive to release a burst of spiritual energy.
12. "Choices of Conflict" (修羅の選択 Shura no Sentaku) - An unexpected answer is given to Lord Ujiasu's proposal.
13. "Twilight of Beyond" (遥かなる残照 Harukanaru Zanshō) - Naoe and Takaya search for the Tsutsuga mirrors to destroy them.
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