[DRAKE ROCK] Flip Fuck

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Videos like this are the reason I got into porn. This is as real as it gets...a bi guy and a straight guy having non-stop gay sex. That's the premise of this Trent Diesel and Robert Rox flip flop. It's how all porn would be if studios didn't edit the videos or stop filming to let the guys watch porn, jack off and get hard in between takes.

Trent, who prefers to be a submissive bottom, was nervous and had a slow start, but as soon as Robert fucked him, Trent was raring to go with a raging hard on.

Surprisingly, Robert, the straight guy, had no trouble with staying hard through virtually the entire scene.

The guys start out by swapping blow jobs, and Trent rims Robert's tight jock ass preparing him to get fucked, but Robert gets impatient and Trent is craving cock so he sits on Robert's throbbing dick. Then the guys take turns fucking each other in numerous positions.

Eventually, Trent gets beneath Robert, licking his balls, ready to take his load, but Trent can't hold out any longer so instead he has Robert get on his knees and blasts his load in Robert's mouth, then snowballs the jock. Finally, it's Robert's chance to return the favor. With so much jizz pent up in his balls, Robert overshoots Trent's mouth. But Trent needs to taste it so Robert licks his cum off Trent's shoulder and the guys make out, swapping Robert's creamy load.

There are six quick blips or "jumps" in the video which happened during the video capture process, therefore the video was cut into seven shorter clips. I did not edit anything out of the video other than removing my voice a couple of times from the audio. While taping I thought the video would drag a bit while Trent finger fucks Robert, but watching the final video I felt it needed to remain in the scene as it happened.

So, this is how sex really is while shooting porn. The pace varies. The guys get hard and go soft and get hard again naturally. Sometimes they are both into the sex and each other. Occasionally one's mind will drift. It's more like real life and real sex between two hot guys, and there is more of a natural flow.

2010-03-08 16:03:32
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