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Buenos Boys - Marcos
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Zodiac: Pisces
Dick: 7"
Build: Athletic
Home: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marcos has what connoisseurs of Boy-Appeal call quiet intensity. With his spiky hair and shy smile, he could be overlooked on first glance as just another good-looking kid in a sea of good-looking kids. Even on a fashion runway, which is where I first spotted him, I didn’t notice him right off the bat because he was not as flamboyant as some of the other models, who demanded your attention with buffer bodies, bolder moves and stripper-like smiles as they stomped down the runway.

They were gorgeous men, no doubt about it, but as I sat in the front row on my designer friend’s ticket, I found my eye wandering back to Marcos. Not only was he infinitely more natural, but when he happened to catch my eye and smiled spontaneously, I found myself twice as turned on by the authenticity of his manner as I was by the others.

His eyes have a little twinkle when he smiles that tells you he’s real. And though he’s very young, every now and again you see a glimmer of the man he will become, and let me tell you—the Dad he’ll be tomorrow is every bit as hot as the boy he is today!

I found myself making excuses to get backstage, ostensibly to congratulate the designers but really to make a B-line for Marcos and offer him the opportunity to present himself solo for our cameras. He hesitated a moment before asking a few questions about what he would be doing, and when he heard that he’d be naked and jerking off, he laughed a little in his shy way and answered, “Why not? I’m currently doing it at least twice a day for free!”

You can’t help but notice watching Marcos’ scene that he has the best qualities of youth and manhood in one package—wait until you see his hairy little legs,

muscled like a gymnast, combined with a relatively smooth swimmer’s build upper body development. The combination is irresistible! With a great, furry ass and athletic build, he’ll enjoy a legion of admirers whether he chooses to buff up his body or leave it just as it is!

If you happen to think that Marcos lacks imagination or warmth just because he is polite in manner, watch his interview and listen to him talk about his fantasies and what he likes to do in bed with a woman (“rape fantasy….lick her all over….swallow everything….not be so refined…”) I don’t think any girls will be checking their watches while in bed with Marcos!

A gentleman to the finish, Marcos’ parting words when we thanked him for cumming, er, coming, were “My pleasure!” We hope to see lots more of Marcos in the future. Hey Marcos, don’t be a stranger!
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