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DescriptionAwesome pro-style ring action with four hot guys in skimpy gear. No sex or nudity.

Match #1: Kid TNT vs Billy Boy Watson

Kid TNT is a great character, and a fantastic heel. He has great confidence in his very skilled technique, and relentless way of destroying a man. In the first match on this tape he gives us a demonstration of how fun it is to POUND the hell out of a very worthy opponent. His long hair used against him, as he suffers a lot of slamming and kicking and punching and POUNDING. TNT is relentless. His attack is commanding. Leg drops, armbars, clotheslines, slams to the corner, fig-4 headscissors and POUNDING him all over. Kid TNT in control through this entire match. The Kid destroys Billy Boy Watson with his constant, commanding POUNDING. TOTAL SQUASH JOB!!! Very cool match.

Match #2: Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

Mike Manson is a true heel (when he is in heel mode). He beats the crap out of his poor opponents with an arsenal of holds. And if an opponent is smaller than he is, he gets lifted and tossed around quite a bit. Tony suffered throughout most of this matchup. It's amazing how much Tony can endure. You can hear him say 'Oh God', as Mike goes from one hold to the next beating him in every way. Tony does take it to Mike at one point. But Mike is a very skilled wrestler and soon reverses things on Tony. Poor Tony suffers an over-the-shoulder piledriving shoulder breaker, and his beating resumes. This one is a totally lop-sided fight throughout most of it. Tony takes an awesome beating at the hands of the very confident Mike Manson. Mike leaves Tony withering around in pain… destroyed.

Match #3: Kid TNT vs Tony Marconi

Now let's watch Kid TNT squash Tony Marconi. That's right… if you like domination in fights, this tape is for you. Kid TNT is a heel because he takes advantage of certain situations and his opponent suffers greatly. He's a little arrogant. He's a little dirty too, and he always plays the camera. He's great to watch. Tony is blindsided at the start, and Kid commences his beating. TNT is cool to watch because he really punishes his opponents (even the big muscle guys), and he doesn't have a big muscular body himself. His best weapon is his confidence. Kid resorts to a few holds… like this incredible backbreaking chinlock. But this is all pounding, scratching, stomping, gouging, kicking, biting… he really gives Tony something to remember. TNT even bites his package. The beating that Tony endures is incredible to see. A 100% squash-job. Great beating. Classic.

Match #4: Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Watson is more Mike's size and handles him with dominance. Lots of big holds in this one. Side headlocks, figure-4's, backbreakers, Boston crabs, crucifixes, bearhugs and tons of pounding. Billy starts out strong, but eventually suffers... and is soon destroyed. Mike lifts him up by his hair and smashes him down. A bodyscissors-sleeper is immediately tapped out of by screaming Billy. Mike once again shows his heel side. Mike Manson can really dish out a big awesome pounding!!

Match #5: Mike Manson & Kid TNT vs Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi

So after seeing the outcomes of the previous matches, you would think that this one was going to be all Manson and TNT. Reverse holds and lots of tagging in and out throughout this match has both tagteams in plenty of trouble. Plenty of pro action with body scissors sleepers and cobras, camel clutches, lifting backbreakers, clotheslines, suplexes, leglocks, flying mull kicks, figure-4's, by all these skilled wrestlers. All the pounding and kicking and rope action takes its toll. Surprise for you… the heels don't win the first of this double match.

In the second, Manson slaps a beautiful full nelson body scissors on Marconi. Billy gets doubled teamed while he is pounded in an abstretch. Muscular Manson tosses these guys around easily. Billy gets tortured by TNT with chokes, a DDT, a big armbar, then Manson comes in and with a huge choke-clam makes they both pin Billy.

And for the third fall and in true heel fashion, they drag Tony into the ring, and piledrive him then both of them cover Tony for the pin. Fantastic watch. Great matchups, lots of domination with a lot of pounding. These guys are great to watch. CLASSIC!!!
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